måndag 19 oktober 2015

War Lord Knight WIP

So, I managed to get some time off this weekend so I fiddled around with the Knights. Just wanted to show a little of the progress with the War Lord Knight. I built the shoulder mounted thermal cannons which turned out to be a case of kill your darlings. I had imagined building a large revolver type of magazine with gas canisters instead of the pair mounted on the side. I actually assembled six tanks in a revolver mount, but it turned out to be to large and made the whole assembly back heavy and with out a flow to the aesthetics. So even though the magazines as such turned out as I wanted them they did not fit this build. Instead I focused on replicating the back mounted cannon I already build for my other knight with some minor tweaks. I also made a back mounted autocannon to go with the rest of them (I am planning a dual mounted auto cannons in the main body also). I think it is turning out ok and now it needs to get some legs so I can start with all the details.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Any chance of seeing a pic of the revolver mount for the fuel, even though you didn't use it?

  2. Yes, I´ll put a picture of them in the next post, You can actually see part of it in the lower left side of the lower left picture above. I used the three pairs of gas canisters from the landraider crusader upgrade sprue. They might look grate as an under slung magazine to an arm mounted thermal cannon though.