söndag 21 mars 2021

Astra Militaum Tempestus Scions, callsign Desert Rat

Well, that went quick. This morning I got an urge to try out the desert paint scheme for my Scions that I started building some weeks ago. So I set about to do five in parallel (which is something I never do) and a few hours later they were done. I tried out a new way of painting which turned out to work very well with this almost monochrome scheme. Instead of doing all the colour fields sequentially I decided to try to do them in parallel. 

I started out with a very rough base paint were I filled out all the major colours and added some details. Then I washed the whole model and started dry-brushing up form the darkest to the lightest colour, moving between areas all over the entire model. This way I did not really have to care to much about "overspray". After two rounds of this I added some details and added in some greens on grenades etc.  I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Apart form sculpting on legs pockets and some chest pouches I smacked on all the small bits and accessories I could find on the frames to make these look more like some spearhead special forces rather than armoured chock troops. I opted for the beret heads instead of the helmeted ones to reinforce the special forces vibe. I will use the helmets for the bikes and top gunners on the vehicles.

Staff Sergeant James Bradley

Corporal Corben Tell

Corporal Jim Meelon

Corporal Angus McMan

Lance Corporal Aaron Tromley

Back side

I really am looking forward to see how this mini force turns out.

måndag 15 mars 2021

More Naked Demon ladies.

Once again, time has flown away and I do not know where it went. Hobby wise I have been busy doing nothing, or at least not finishing anything, until now. I have been working on Fenrirs legs, finishing up the pistons and cables. After hours of fiddling and scratching the paint job I got everything in place. Note to self, attach the pistons before painting. I also started the GS work on the waist part and the reactor blocks. Hopefully I can get the torso part of to paint within a foreseeable future.

Parallel to this I started a couple more Naked Demon ladies, including their matriarch. The two "normal" models were as the last couple, excellent prints, but somehow I screwed up the painting and got some noticeable frosting. Also I was not on top of the detail work, I really need to get my eyes checked. It is really hard focusing on the small details and it is giving me a head ace.

Then, as if I did not have enough on my plate I stated a completely new project. I got me a Astra militarum Scions start to collect box and some Atalan bikers and a ridge runner. The idea is to make a desert light attack force, a little like the Humvee soldiers in Generation Kill. I "just" needed to make them more realistic with some chest pouches and cargo pants. Can't go on mission in just your harnesk. I also need to build the Tauros and convert it to a wheeled version and add antennas and external cargo packs. The Ridge runner will be more or less stock as it looks good as it is, just the crew that needs to get scioned up. 

Well, this will be a build project on the back burner... as so many other things I do lately. And soon the outdoor season starts...