söndag 8 maj 2022

Skitarii Rangers with transuranic arquebuses

This week I have done some clean-up of the workstation and cleared out some models that has been hanging around in the background for some time. When the skitarii set was released I bought a box and painted up most of the models, including one carrying the transuranic arcebus. I like the idea of the long sniper rifle but was not convinced by the model, the goofy recoil dampener and the support stick did not do it for me. So I left out the stick and mounted the model on a normal round base instead of the oval one that comes with the model. 

But I was never really happy with this. As I collected more ranger squads through some starter sets and other boxes containing skitarii models I sort of started thinking about this again. According to the rules two models in the squad my have alternate weapons and if the squad numbers ten then three may take a special weapon. I got the idea that it might be cool to have two ranger squads with two arcebuses in each but I never really made it so the two squads I started by splitting of some of the original squad have been sitting around by display case unfinished. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I finally decided that it was time to finish of these two squads. So I built the remain models and removed the original from its round base. The arcebuses got some modifications by the removal of the the recoil dampeners. I tried to mount it more like what a real version might look like but it did not work. I also used other bodies for the skitarii than the one indicated in the build guide, just to make them look a bit different, but it is not easy to get it right as the arms are intended for a aiming pose. Two of them got the sticks while the other two got some alternate poses so did not need them. Then I started painting, but I stalled and these just sat on the desk but with out any real progress. I do not really know why I have problems with these models. Might be that the two main colour fields are so interlocking that it is difficult to paint well? Could be all the filigrees on the rifles...  I do not know. And I still have two more squads on the frames. At least these will be a bit different as I also have upgrade packs from forgeworld to make hoplites and pelestas.

Apart from the arcebus wielding skitarii I also finished two normal rangers and one with a plasma caliver. 

fredag 29 april 2022

Outrider Chaplain

This week, or rather, the ester week, I decided to paint the outrider Chaplain that I picked up as an impulse buy last time I was traveling with work. As it turned out I did not manage to finish it over the holiday so it had to wait for yet another work trip before I could finish it.

I think the model is fantastic, the pose is great and the model as such is much easier to build and paint than the push fit versions in the starter box. This meant that I could paint it in subassemblies. The only problem I see is that the pelvis of the rider is part of the bike. I would have rather seen that he was a stand alone model that where mounted to the bike so that he could have been painted as a complete model. Now I had to paint each leg separately and the torso by it self. 

When it comes to the colours I decided to do him in the dark-green-black that I have used on a lot of other "black" models. I also decided to do a blue Ultra Marine stripe on the engine cowling. Once painted it was very difficult to see any contrast between the blue and green (which would indicate that my surfs are almost black). To separate the colours a bit more I painted a thin bone white stripe between them, and then the blue became a bit brighter...  funny how contrast and colour work. Well, the rest of the model got some white metal trim where I tried to do some MNMM techniques, similar to what I have done on my custodes, but I am not really sure that it worked as well. I tried to keep it as monotone as possible to give it a stark look and hence stayed away from the boxart gold. Some dark red did however make it on to the model for a small bit of contrast. Now I only have to two remaining outrider from the box to finish, but first I have some Skiitari that needs my attention.

torsdag 7 april 2022

Lieutenant, Ancient and BeLakor

This week I finished up some Ultra Smurfs that got side-lined by BeLakor, the Blade guard Lieutenant and the Ancient. The models are, like the rest of the set, beautiful sculpts that are fun to paint. Colour wise there is nothing new. I was however having some problems deciding on the colour of the Ancients robes. I was tempted to make them in brown leather like I did on the Judiciar but in the end I did them in a bone white to match the honour guard of Marneus Calgar.

Next up for the smurfs is probably the two remaining outriders so that I can paint the Chaplain on bike that I recently picked up. Either that or I need to finish the squad with plasma weapons. But before that happens I will finish up some skitarri rangers that have been hanging around for some time.

To end todays short presentation I will also present yet anther picture of BeLakor, where the colours are a bit better. For some reason the white balance was very of in the last sets which I believe has to do with the very yellow back scatter of the diodes on my backing paper which tends to make the images yellow. Well now that the natural light is better (earlier in the day and right tilt of the planet) the colours are more representative of what the model actually look like.

onsdag 30 mars 2022


So, now he is done, and I am pleased. I like how he turned out. I have intentionally keep him as monotone as possible so that all the details in the model does not over power the impression except for a few key colours like the blue flames and red loin cloth. All metals have been made as either rusted iron or bronze with Verdigris to go with the brown of BeLakor himself or the magical flames.

One thing I noticed on this model is that I am coming to the end of what can be done with my dry brushing in terms of shading and blending. I continuously end up wearing away the base layers before I come to the level of blend I am attempting. That probably means that I need to start air brushing, at least parts of the models to get a smooth transition. I will probably continue with the current technique on the armies where I have started this but to evolve I think I need to learn new techniques. Fortunately I have a long running project in the form of the Opus Magna that requires an air brush (since it is to large for brushes) where I can learn.

That being said, the model was both a pleasure and a pain to paint. The parts are large and difficult to hold and once all the small chains etc are attached it is very difficult to handle the wings with out breaking things. And one the wing are on the body it is very difficult to reach all places. I do not understand how any one could paint this if fully assembled before painting. But seeing it coming together is very satisfying and the sculpting is superb with so much detail that I honestly skipped a lot of it and just let it end up in the background.

And I think I am finally coming to terms with bases. The former gamer in me screams immersion breaking but the later collector and painter murmurs something about context and balance. Well, since models like this is more for display than play I have now problem with decorating the ground as well.

Now I have some smurfs to finish, and I need to get going with the build of the Opus so that I can start painting..

söndag 20 mars 2022

BeLakor WIP

The last few weeks I have been working on BeLakor. This is a fantastic model and really shows what is possible to do with current CAD designs and injection casting. It took me two or three sessions just to get all the pieces separated from the sprues, cleaned up and assembled for painting. The joints in the base are well hidden and does not require any extra work, but Belakor him self has a few quite obvious joints  on the back and hips. I filled these with GS and I think I made a decent job of hiding them.

When it comes to paint this is a real challenge as there is just so much details everywhere and it easy to miss some and you have to go back and fix them. For colours I went with a black brown scheme. I have long thought about doing some skin that has lighter parts, like what you would see on some animals, instead of doing a homogeneous colour all across the model. In this case I choose to make the chest and stomach in a lighter shade of brown then the rest of the body and the legs more of a black grey tone. I did the same for the wings with a lighter shade in the middle, toning towards back at the bones.

I also went with my rusted metal look for all the chains and will carry that on to the armour (can see BeLakor sitting around polishing his armour so it would be a bit grimy).

There are a tone of skulls on this model and I added some extra form the skull sett just to fill out the base. Not sure what Khorne thinks about that. I also choose to go with a blue power/lava stream on the base instead of blood/lava stream that is on the box art just to get some colour that breaks with the brown black.

I also added the fallen spacemarine to the base and did him in my Ultra Smurf scheme. 

BeLakor is starting to take shape and I am looking forward to seeing him with his wings on but he will require a few more sessions before he is done.

måndag 7 mars 2022

Blade guard Captain

This week I finished the Priamris Captain from the indominus box. I am not sure if he is also a blade guard as the others equipped with blade and shield, but I will call him a Blade Guard Captain as I have other captains in the collection.

As a model it is very similar to the rest of the Balde Guards from the box and fit in well with the rest. I choose to use the senic base and also to put the downed necron on it. The colour scheme is the same as for the rest of the smurfs except that I played around with using two shades of blue on the armour instead of just one. I am not sure that it made that much of a difference in the end as the metallic dominates the appearance of the colour. I am not sure I am that happy with the gold, for some reason I does not turn out as I wish it would and I do not know why. Also the amount of bone and parchment on the shield gives it a bit of a same same look, especially together with the golden rim. On the blade guards I use a blue white face on the shield which I skipped here, might have to go back and add it to give it some more variety.

The sculpt is as with he other very nice. There are some obvious places where the pushfit design is obvious and a more traditional design would have looked better, but over all a very nice character model that really stands out in the crowd.

Now I will start work on my birthday present from my wife, BeLakor, the dark master. This is a model I have had my eye on for some time but have not gotten around to paint. Well, now it is time.

onsdag 23 februari 2022

Kappa Gamma 451, Captain of the Guard

Last week I was traveling with work so I have not had much time to paint, but I managed a quick one during my recovery time after I returned home. This model has been hanging around the to do shelf, built and base sprayed, for quite some time. It is built from some leftover parts from my skitarii and necron builds. Not the most advanced conversion but he has a bit of flare with the robe flapping, gun in hand and sword out. As the model is just a single model, not being part of some other squad, I did not feel a pressing need to paint it before. But now it came in handy as I needed something that was easy and quick to paint.

The idea behind the whole ting is that he is the captain of the personal body guard of my forge lord and will be protecting him and his henchmen once I get around to build and paint them. I actually have quite a few models for this little team. Apart from him I have a 10 man squad of Secutarii Hopilites, two Domitar Ferrum Class battle automata and a standard Domitar battle automata.  I will also be using all the on foot models I have from the titan and knight kits to fill out the retinue with liaison officers from the different weapon branches of the Northern Forge. With some luck I will eventually get them all done, but this is a start.