onsdag 7 november 2018

Varangian dragons, WIP

I have been working on some decorations for the cooling ridges of the Varangian. My initial thoughts were to have some rib like structures on the sides between the cooling vents. Then I came up with the idea of also having some sort of skull covering the intake cowls, which then off course led to the idea of having a full skeleton along the whole cooling ridge. But that also meant a ton more sculpting and I do not know if I am up to the challenge. Right now I am working on the skulls and some rib cages...  I already have spines going along the whole structure. I am not sure how much of the skeleton to actually make...  as it is now there will be skulls with a spine and some ribs. There is off course also the option to make some front and hind legs with the appropriate attachment points. My wife is however skeptical to the whole ribs idea and so and thinks it is enough with just the skulls... so I am a bit hesitant to put to much effort into this if it risks being scraped in the end.

The sculpting is far from done yet, but just to give a view of what might be...

söndag 4 november 2018

General WIP and an Exalted Sorcerer.

This week I have mostly finished some of the models I was working on when the Entropy project hit. First of I finished the Dark Angel terminator I was working at the time. I had also started a  I also finished a Vorax for my Mechanium army. Once this was done and I had settled some of the itching I had for working on the rusted up armor plates of Entropy I decided I would treat my self to a "character like" model, butterfly syndrome. So I picked up one of the exalted sorcerers I got from my wife I while a go that I had been saving for such an occasion. These models are crazy detailed, even if they are not true character models, and they are a joy to paint. Due to the very high level of detail I could work with a very simple color scheme as I the details will give the model all the depth and contrast it needs without having to many color fields. That being said I did choose to make the armor in the same way I did on Magnus and Ahriman, i.e. a silver metal with streaks of blue, violet, green and yellow. I think I managed to get the colors a bit better this time and I really like the effect. The rest was also done similar to Ahriman, purple robes and a color shifting white cloak.

I also decided that it was time to start with the arm weapons for Varangian. This is something I have been putting of, waiting for the back piece to be finished, but I am starting to realize that the amount of work I have to put in to the dragons is taking to much time. So I drilled out the barrel of the volcano cannon and added some magnets for the shields. For the fist I decided that I would magnetize the wrist so that I can rotate the hand later on to the right position. So I added two 10 mm magnets with a 4 mm central hole to the wrist pieces and a 4 mm M4 rod going through both magnets and being anchored in the elbow. This should make it solid enough not to drop off. I have also been thinking about the mega bolter and how to magnetize it. Both the back of the hand and the underside of the mega bolter is rather detailed so adding big magnets was out of the question. The two pieces are however extremely well molded to each other so the mega bolter is really well oriented and can not move in the plane of the hand two pair os small, 4.5 mm, magnets is enough to keep it from falling off. I put them on the armor trim and hope that the thicker metallic paints will keep the magnets covered. I still have not added all the parts to the bolter but so far it is sitting still. I could add another pair of magnets at a third position if it turns out it is not enough.

Well that is all for now...  I will add some small standard chaosifications to the volcano cannon and then I can start painting. The shields need some more advanced green stuffing so they will have to wait a bit.

söndag 28 oktober 2018

Entropy, WIP

Sometimes things do not go as you plan. After finishing the dominus knight I thought I would treat my self with some small models, i.e. not knight or titans, to unwind a bit. But as I was sitting there painting a Dark Angels terminator my brain went off on a completely different path.

Some how I got to thinking about the background of the Northern Ghosts and how the different knights fit in to it all. And out of nowhere came the thought of Lady Oxidia in Entropy, knight preceptor of the Eques Borealis, the Northern Knights, who are the ailed knight house of the Legio Umbra Borealis, the Northern Ghosts. Well in truth the Eques Borealis was the there first and the titan Legion adopted a name similar to the house on which lands they settled. Well more no that at a later time.

So the Lady Oxidia is a outcast from her own family after she killed her uncle and mentor and stole his Knight suit. To erase any traces to her old family she stripped the knight down to bare metal, removing any old house insignia. This however left the metal unprotected and has over the years started to rust and wear away as she has fought as a free blade for many different war hosts, often taking on the role of mentor for younger knight pilots in training, hoping to save them from the same bad experience she had with her mentor. For may years she managed to live like this, but eventually her childhood trauma caught up to her and she got into conflicts with her employers, usually over the way a senior ranking officers treated one of her proteges. This has caused here to become embittered and hateful, and finally she retired as a free blade and settled among the Eques Borealis, a house known to take in knights and free blades that has now were else left to go.

After this story settled in my mind I just had to get my self another knight kit and start working. So to represent Lady Oxidia and her knight suit, Entrophy, I decided to go down a different path of chaosification than what I have done for my knight so far. I wanted to paint the knight in a metal base but have plenty of damage and holes in the armor plates. I also wanted to do something different form the chaos growths I did before. So I set about drilling holes in the armor and carving away at the boarders to give them a worn look, and then I added horns growing out of the armor to give it that chaos feel. This is a first for me, starting with the armor with out having the chassis built yet.

As Oxidia is a preceptor it is only natural that she will take charge of my armigers as the natural leader of the Skag Valkyries. She has only painted her right shoulder and left leg armor in the colors of the house, not fully embracing the coat of arms of her new lords. The armigers will however stay in the green livery of the Northern Knights. So far I have just started on this endeavor, but I am feeling the hobby mojo about this.Lets see how far it will go.

I might also start writing down the background and fall of the northern realm.

lördag 13 oktober 2018

Dominus knight done

Finally, the last of my trio of knights are done. I am really happy with how it turned out. The free hand on the shield could be better but it will have to do for now, apart from that I really like the two tone color scheme, it gives more depth to the model. It will be interesting to compare this dominus with the original GW dominus once I get around to finish building it. Over all I think it portrays a more massive version of knight chassis. All the extra armor and shields really help biffing it up. I like how the upper body is almost round. To bad it is not a rules legal build, but you cant have everything. In this case I am going for the rule of cool.

I have also finished some banners for the Varangian, that I have hung from the neck armor. Once again I am not really happy with my free hand. I don't know if it is that I have become so accustomed to the sloppy way I paint with my dry brushing that I don't have the patience to make clean free hand painting.

Here we have the Northern Ghosts in the display cabinet together with the knight escort. One can also see some parts of the accompanying Skitarii and Mechanicum forces. The cabinet is rapidly filling up with all theses large models.

söndag 30 september 2018

General WIP

I am back, sort of...   Last couple of weeks has been taxing at work so I have not had much time to work on my modeling projects. Apart from that I have not felt any real mojo for any specific project, so I have just been doing some work here and there on what ever has been lying around.

For the Varangian I have continued with the shoulder armor. It is not quite done yet. I still need to give the edges another go with the drybrush and then add some color to the sigils etc...
I have also been working on the back with some green stuff, adding two dragon skeletons to the ridges. This is the second try at the skulls, the fist time they turned out to large and the anatomy did not quite work out. This time I think they look better. I still have some work to do before they are done. I also need to finish the rest of the spine and the ribs, adding spikes etc and making sure the void shield projectors fit in...

I have also been working on the dominus Knight... painting the leg, torso and back armor... I still have quite a bit more to do before it is finished, but I think it is coming along nicely.

I have also work on my armigers and have now more or less finished the build of two of the Helverins... now they just need some GS chaosification before painting can commence.

So to put it shortly, I am a bit all over the place just now and I have not been able to finish anything of lately... I hope that some rest will help me to focus and end some of the projects. I am tempted to add my Helverins to the Dreadtober challenge (http://dreadtober.blogspot.com/) just to help me focus a bit... but that might just add more pressure that I don't need at the moment. I have a week off from work now so hope fully I will be able to post some finished models/sections later in the week.

måndag 10 september 2018

Possible Reaver? Decisions decisions...

This is a badly done merge  pic in "MS paint" from some pics I found on line () so I take no responsibility for any inaccuracy... nor the original paintwork.

Since the release of the new Adepticus Titanicus game I have been torn about what to do. I do love titans, nights and big robots in general, especially in large formations, and in the 40k universe, with some infantry as scale reference (epic FTW)... and as such the AD game, and models would be great (except for the infantry part, but there are buildings to give the scale, right). But...  and this is a big BUT... I am for most a collector and painter, ... not a gamer. So turning to AD would mean restarting a collection... new models etc...  and that would be nice in some ways... but the scale offers me less than what the 28 mm scale does as a painter. So I am struggling about what to do... stick with what I have and expand?... or restart at a smaller scale with potentially more models, that I will probably never play, but with less detail and not as much in terms of painting? I do have quite a large 28 mm collection gathered over some 25 years or so, so switching scales, as a collector, hurts my aesthetic eye of consistency...

One thing that has struck me with the rules of the release of the AD is the definition of a the Axiom battle maniple, that has a Warlord, two Reavers and two Warhounds, which is almost what I already have in 28 mm (plus a bunch of knights, 5 Questoris, 2 Domiuns, 2 Cerastus, 1 Porphyrion + 6 Armigers or so), so instead of investing heavily in a new scale I might just stay in 28 and work on what I have since I could potentially play AD in 28 mm if I had a similarly demented opponent. But, then again for the cost of the missing Reaver I might get two AD maniples that I could potentially play with the wife or friends... without looking for opponents with the same delusions as me... All this is making me freak out...  what to do...  decisions decisions...

As I have a surplus Warlord titan laser blaster that I could use as the "dual" turbo laser, which I think would look extremely cool.. I am thinking about a Reaver with dual Reaver laser blasters and a "warlord titan" laser blaster as back piece. This is something I have not seen so far in the community/google search  (I might have missed some one though). As far as I have been able do see the Warlord titan blasters fit without modifications tho the Reaver carapace in terms of the bottom plug, so I do not thing such a conversion would be impossible (blast but a bit of cannon..)

Well that is enough rambling for now...

onsdag 5 september 2018

Dominus WIP

Between working on Varangian I have also been painting on my take of the Dominus chassis. So far I have finished the sub-frame and the lower armor plates. The weapons are in the pre weathering stage and I am about to add some chevrons to the back carapace. All in all it is turning out more or less as I had envisioned. Compared to Varangian this is quick painting. I have also started to work on a conversion of the GW Dominus chassis. It will have a similar lay out as this conversion but with dual lances on the arms and rapid fire battle cannons on the shoulders. As I pointed out in a previous post I thing the original GW layout of the Dominus is to similar to the Questoris to set it apart as a heavy Knight. Since I am not gamer I do not know if it would work game vise to have four primary weapon hard points, but it does look cooler to me than the small shoulder turrets on the original kit.