söndag 11 december 2016

Models of the week

Yet another week has passed and I have managed to get some more models done. This time it is the last of the Skitarii vanguard, the Alpha and a Kataphron. Even though I feel like I have no time for hobby stuff I actually manage to get somethings done which is very pleasing. All in all there is not much to say about these two, the color palette is the same as on the rest of my mechanicum stuff, so it is just the same recipe. I must say that I kind of like the Katapron, initially I did not like the idea of the mechanicum using tracked vehicles, in my opinion they should all be walkers, that being said I really like the model and the level of detail. Sadly the mono-pose character of the models make painting more a bit of a bore. GW really needs to learn how to make multi pose models and still retain the level of details. I understand that it is easier to sculpt a complete model, were the parts only need to fit one pose, but for re-build-ability it is better with multi part kits with interchangeable parts.

I have also started to put some GS down on Varangian. Here the trick is to go slow and only do a few pieces at a time. Both so that you don't put your fingers on the things you just sculpted, but also to not over do it in one go. Less is more, you have to find the balance. And then off course it is always good to do multi layering with GS as it is much easier to get a good level of detail and depth that way.

söndag 4 december 2016

Progress report

This week has like many other gone to fast. I have however managed to get some things done. It was the last week with the 3D printer so I some time printing duplicates of the knights interiors, some parts for Opus Magna and a crown for Varangian. The crown then got some plastic teeth cut form plasticard. But that is not all, I also assembled the last of the Skitarii that I painted over the last couple of trips away from home, and I managed to paint two models in one session, a Custodian and a Dark Angel. So all in all a productive week, at least compared to a lot of other weeks.