söndag 7 april 2019

Varangian arm and weapon shields

I am moving again... at least when it comes to Varangian. I can now see the end of this build. This week I finished the biceps shields for both sides and the main shield for the volcano cannon. The GS for these have been more or less done for some time but as usual they had to mature before I could say that they were done and ready for paint. The designs are not as straight and symmetrical as I might have liked, but since they are supposed to be decaying and start falling of I am not to concerned about it. The paint job though, could have been better. I am starting to feel the drawback of age and failing eye sight, so I think it looks ok when I paint but when I look closer I see that it is not as smooth as it might be. Perhaps it is time to get a magnifying glass after all.

For the volcano cannon shield I tried a new concept of chaosification were I embedded a chaos star into the plating, having it break though the surface layer. Once again it might have been done neater, but as a first try I am happy. This is something I might do on more knights and titans in the future.

Now I only need to finish up the GS work for the rest of the shields and weapons. They are all started and I thing past the halfway point so it should not take to long until I have something more to show.