söndag 21 november 2021

Laser blasters for Fenrir

Recently I finished the two arm mounted Laser Blasters for Fenrir. All in all they are a straightforward paint job, similar to the back mounted Laser Blaster. I kept them in the yellowish basecoat with some black and yellow chevrons. The barrels where painted white metal with heat staining going from blue to brown. I choose not to make them "glowy" as I do not thing that is to realistic and does not fit my style of painting.

One thing that I notice while painting these where that there are noticeable 3D printing lines on the models, as well as casting lines. I guess that FW 3D prints the masters for the models and then cast them for customer. I would have guessed that FW would clean this up better before casting as it has a cheep fell to it when you buy something that expensive and it looks like something you could have printed yourself. The warlord Laser Blaster does however not show any of these ridges and is very smooth so I wonder if it is only the Battle Titan Laser Blasters that have this or if it is all the remodelled weapons.

This also makes me wonder why FW has not released all the AT weapon options for 28 mm. Since they are made in CAD, and if the masters are "just" 3D printed, then why not just offer them in scaled up versions as well?