tisdag 13 december 2011

Warhound details

Once again it has been a slow week. Most of the weekend was used for other things than painting. But I did manage to sneak in some painting time. I am mostly done with the last warhound body so I did some detailing. I am happy with the way my green stuff modeling turned out once painted. I am not really confident yet with making it fit the model and I must admit that my skulls could look better. I really havent gotten the teeth part down yet. I am currently working away on the last parts for this titan. I have started one the cockpit and the power plant that goes into the back carapace. Once I get these done I only have the weapons left before the battle group is done. Then there is the green stuff that has to go on to the imperial weapons before this can happen so this might be a task for the holidays, how knows I might get these guys done this year after all. I will keep going and we will see.

söndag 4 december 2011

A little progress

I have not been blogging for some time now. The trip to the US and our planing for huse building has taken a large chunk out of my time for hobbies. I also find it increasingly difficult to keep my mind focused on the titans at the moment. But I try to do some painting now and then to keep them going as well as for my on peace of mind. But I have made some progress with the upper body and back carapace of Wolfish Perversion. There are not that many more details to paint so I can soon start painting the head. Then there is only the weapons that need some green stuff and paint before they are done. I have also been thinking about the future, what will the next project be. I still have my Desert Eagles that could do with some attention. I also felt an urge to paint some wolves after reading prospero burns, but now I am more fascinated by the necron models. So the other day I got an idea, what if my titan legions explorator team found a dead tomb world. And as they had already started making scitarii constructs found the de-powered necrons and started to experiment with them. This could perhaps lead to some enslavement of the nectrons by the mechanicum. It would be orthodox and certainly not within the imperial code, but some renegade legion would perhaps do some thing like this. And I am sure you would be branded a traitor if you did. That could make for a good background story for a renegade mechanicum legion with some necron allies...   at least it would give me a reason to paint up some necrons without having to start an entire new army. Well I will have to finish the titans first, as it happens I will not do this before Christmas but hopefully I can have them done soon there after.