söndag 28 februari 2016

Dark angels cataphractii

Once again real life intrudes and takes all my time. This time it has been building on the house that has kept me from painting. Our house that we build 2012 came with a finished down stairs and a potential second attic floor. We always intended to finish the second floor but at the time of building the house resources were a bit short. Now we have taken the plunge and started the interior work on the second floor, but as I am travelling a lot with work, we realized that it would take forever if we were to do it ourselves. So we brought in contractors to do all the insulation, water, electricity, plaster boards etc...  and we would come in at the end and prep the walls for wallpaper and put in the floor boards (just to save some money and to have the feeling of actually have done something). Well, we thought that this would be easy and that we could do this at our pace, but as it turned out we needed to be done with this before the general contractor could finish the last of their commitments. To make a long story short, we have been buried with this for the last weeks and hence my mini output has been minimal.

Be that as it my, I still managed to sneak in a few hours one evening and painted one of the Cataphracii from the betrayal at Calth box. I think it turned out nicely. Painting black is not that exciting as most contrast are easily lost, but the amount of details with ridges etc. gives the model some depth even though it is black. I also made a group shot with some more modern terminator armour, also painted in the pre-heresy dark angels colours.

torsdag 11 februari 2016


Just returned from a one week work trip and to wind down I finish of the Castellax that I have been working on. Now my mechanicum forces has three (four) robots. I am still struggling to get enough time to work on the knights so they are currently a on ice. I have some Desert Eagles and a Pre heresy Dark Angel built and ready for primer... so I think I will stick to the smaller models until things clear up a bit.