tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Summer update

Hi there!

Once again I have been on a brake from the painting hobby and the maintenance of this blog. It has been summer and I have been hard at work building a new home for the family together with my wife and so hobby time has been reduced. But I have still gotten a few hours of painting and a bit of green stuffing.
In the beginning of summer I was hard at work on my first raptor. I thought that the build came out all right but after painting I does not seam to fit the over all army so I will probably sit tight on the parts for the rest for a while before deciding if I should build more. I do have some alternative plans but they involve some more defilers ha hammerheads so it will have to wait.
Apart from finishing up the raptor I also started to work on the CCW knight. I had to exchange some of the face plates because I needed it for something else. In stead of using the side leg armor from the defiler as a face plate I used the front arm armor since it was not needed in the build elsewhere. It turned out ok, the head/cockpit is now a bit stubbier. Once the kitbashing, cutting up and gluing together was done a long period of green stuff work started. I decided that I would add a lot of sculpted chaos growth to this knight, and from experience I have learned not to work on more than one surface at a time.
The idea with the knight was to have a lance of two medium knights and the leader in the CC knight. Now, after working on it for some time I think it looks more like a army commanders knight than a simple lance leader so I am thinking about rethinking the project some what. If I change the lance leader to an army leader then the lance needs a new knight to take its place, I do not have parts for it now but it might tie in nicely with  the change in plans for the raptor parts.
Since the knights and myrmidons are quite large projects I have also squeezed in some scitarii models in-between working on the larger kits. These are mostly necrons remodeled into more humanoid warriors with their weapons attached directly to the one arm, swinging an ax in the other. I had planed to make squads of eight models since then I could get three squads from two boxes. But I love the new necron models and I just had to by some of the new once and try to work them in to the squads, so instead of eight models there are now ten, I added a heavy and a special weapon to the squad as well as exchanged the sergeant for a more imposing model. I also gave the sergeant some robes to tie it in with the mechanicum look. I also painted it the same way as the engine seer / tech priests, with a brownish red armor and deep red robes making the troopers green and characters/officers red.