måndag 25 oktober 2010

Sisters of Battle

Just a few days ago I was told that gw is dropping the Sisters of Battle. Noooo! In honour of this soon-to-be-forgotten army, here are a few of my beloved sister.

I have started to trim and clean the titans. This is somewhat of a time consuming and none to exciting task but it needs to be done. I have also started to look at magnetising the head and back armor to access the interior, and also the waist and weapons will be magnitized. I saw a nice thing on youtube (have forgotten the link) where the arms themselves where attached with a treaded rot and a nut concealed under the shoulder armour. I am thinking about doing somthing similar. I have not figured out if I will magnetize the cables going to the waepons. Well, I will not be able to start assembly and painting untill these questions are solved.

Desert Eagles by Marcus

These are a few of Marcus' Desert Eagles!

lördag 16 oktober 2010

Still waiting...

We are still waiting from the package from Forgeworld... Marcus seems to be a bit worried, since it was shipped on Tuesday and we thought it would be here by now... I am not sure what to think, but I hope it hasn't gone missing! =( 

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

A somewhat unusual wedding cake topper!

When we got engaged, all I asked Marcus to take responsibility for was the cake topper. I wanted something special, and I wanted him to make it himself. This is the result! I loved it, the guests loved it, and never before have I seen the cake topper get so much attention at a wedding party!

The "bride" is of course based on a Sister Superior from the Witch Hunters, while the groom is based on a Dark Angels Chapter Master.

Agis has entered the blogging community!

My name is Fanny, and I want to welcome you to this blog!
My beloved Marcus has since the mid 90's been painting Warhammer 40k models, and shortly after we met he also lured me into the wonderful world of 40k. This blog is first and foremost focused on Marcus' work (though my own will also most likely appear at times!), both looking back through the last decade or so but mainly looking at the challenge ahead.

We welcome tips and opinions from other enthusiasts, and hope that you will enjoy this humble blog.

Thank you for visiting!