tisdag 24 maj 2016

Dune Crawler WIP 2

I am slowly getting there, but it is slow. Finally managed to get some painting time in on the dune crawler. I really like this model and it might happen that I will get a second one. This is a more or less straight forward build. I removed the vision slit next to the lens on the front armor and I built an ion-laser for the back to give it a bit more interesting profile, and I liked the look of the gun and could not choose be tween that and the missiles and auto cannons. It still lack the commander in the top hatch, but hopefully I can finish this one soon so that the ,model will be done.

Hope you like it


torsdag 5 maj 2016

Dune Crawler WIP

After finishing the Iron strider I went for the dune crawler from the mechanicum starter set I got for my birthday. Of course I could not just build it as is so it took me some time to get it assembled. I started out with the lower body and the legs and then I went on to the main body. As with most of my mechanicum I opted for the green scheme with bone details and a lot of chipping rust etc. I like the monochromatic look were the shade are in the same color instead of shifting color between fields to break up the surface and show the detail.

I have also tried my hand at some airbrushing. I got a basic "air brush set" some time ago, but I have not found the time to play around with it. So I pulled out a building and sprayed it black (yes it was completely black) before repainting it in gray tones. Now it almost looks like plastic again. Sadly the air brush and the paint do not go well together as the machine is feed from below through capillary forces and not gravity feed. It is also single action with a very large spray foot print. The result was that I could not get an even base coat due to problems with paint supply and once I started with the highlights they ended up as big blotches. But all in all I can see the appeal with an air brush, especially on larger models. I need to think about whether I should invest in a better set up or if I should stick to dry brushing.