måndag 14 juni 2021

Fenrir internals WIP

This year summer came early, i.e. I started work in the garden with hope to have finished most of the heavy lifting before vacation so that I actually get some vacation this year. This has off course meant that I have not had that much time for hobby stuff. But I have managed to sneak in a few shifts in-between haling dirt. I have mostly focused on finishing the internals on Fenrir so that I can assemble the upper body and move on to the armour. All the GS work I have done on this does however mean that there is a tone of more details to work on that should not have been there and hence it has taken a lot of time. But in the end I am pleased with how it is turning out. But I will remember this for the next titan. Do not make unnecessary organic growth on the titan but keep it clean and mean. But the growth do play their part in making the titan look more chaosy.

The paint scheme is my usual yellow "primer" that has rusted and been worn a way in places. I really like how it turns out. And I am also getting the hand of painting flaked over paint like chevrons etc. The next step is to finish the olive green armour and add the metal trims. Then I will assemble all the parts that I have painted separately. Hopefully that will not take another month but we will see.