söndag 10 maj 2020

Fenrir Crew

This week I have been working a bit on the crew that occupy the head of Fenrir. The original imperial crew got some green stuff grows to make them look a bit more chaosy. You really have to give up some personal comforts to become a chaos titan pilot, like the ability to leave the cockpit. Well, now I just have to finish the rest of the head and blend them into the rest of the cockpit.

lördag 2 maj 2020

Saint Mina

Short update today with Saint Mina. Not much to say about this model, black robes and red roses. The lack of variety in the paint scheme makes them rather fast to paint but in the end they will look great. I do not want the saints to be to much of a distraction from the bier and the cherubs which will be the center of the model. Well, onlt one more saint...