söndag 13 november 2011

Slow going

This week I have not had so much time for painting and modeling. We are looking in to the possibilities of building our own house and this has taken most of my spare time. But I have managed to squeeze some painting time in to the schedule. I finished of the red field on Joluns wrath as well as painting the weapon shield on the side of the back carapace. I have also managed to paint the back carapace and reactor cowlings of wolfish perversion. So now all the Titans green armor are painted. Now it just to paint in the metal boarders, the chaos growths and the imperial remnants and the body is done. Of course there are some free hand stuff that i will have to do but it is minor. Then I just have to finish of the head and the remaining weapons and I am done. At least they will be base painted. There will be a lot of touching up later on as well as adding freehand and weathering. The coming weeks I fear will be no better than this week as I have to go to the US for a buiessnes meting as well as a lab conference. So It might be a few weeks until I have something new to show. I might do a post with some old minis in the meantime.

lördag 5 november 2011

Reaver progress and Storm Raven mod.

The titan project is moving forward. I haw painted the power fist, shoulder guards and I am almost done with the back carapace wich means I can see the end of the project, which makes me sloppy. I noticed that I tend to speed up at the end, when I can see that I am almost done, this is not good as I have put in so many hours on this project to screw it up so close to the finish line. So to counter this I started a new small project to focus my mind. I had some thought about a valkyer but that would have meant painting more green. I also thought about something space wolf or why not a necron command barge or something. So I went to the local hobby center and started browsing around in the shelf's. One model that I think is cool but sadly, not so nice looking is the storm raven gunship. After some thought I decided that I should try to reassemble the kit in a slightly other way just to see if it was possible to get it to look better. I am not sure about the result, it did not turn out as it was in my head, it is not bad but not as good as I would have hoped. Well it will suit my Desert Eagles perfectly as they are a renegade force operating on the fringe of the imperium and as such they need small insertion crafts and close fire support. So I will fill in the gaps with green stuff and the trash it up to fit with the rest of the army.