lördag 5 november 2011

Reaver progress and Storm Raven mod.

The titan project is moving forward. I haw painted the power fist, shoulder guards and I am almost done with the back carapace wich means I can see the end of the project, which makes me sloppy. I noticed that I tend to speed up at the end, when I can see that I am almost done, this is not good as I have put in so many hours on this project to screw it up so close to the finish line. So to counter this I started a new small project to focus my mind. I had some thought about a valkyer but that would have meant painting more green. I also thought about something space wolf or why not a necron command barge or something. So I went to the local hobby center and started browsing around in the shelf's. One model that I think is cool but sadly, not so nice looking is the storm raven gunship. After some thought I decided that I should try to reassemble the kit in a slightly other way just to see if it was possible to get it to look better. I am not sure about the result, it did not turn out as it was in my head, it is not bad but not as good as I would have hoped. Well it will suit my Desert Eagles perfectly as they are a renegade force operating on the fringe of the imperium and as such they need small insertion crafts and close fire support. So I will fill in the gaps with green stuff and the trash it up to fit with the rest of the army.

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