måndag 19 juni 2017

Gatling Knight

I am finally done with the Gatling knight. It turned out nicely. Not exactly as I had envisioned but close enough. It was very hard to position the arms so that the gun pointed forward instead of across the chest. This meant that I had to make sure the head can turn enough to at lest make it look like it is looking were it aims. I also had to do a last minute swap of the shield and heavy stubber so that the gun don't block the line of sight. Also, it was no easy task to get the gun belts to look right and also align with the rest of the pose. This one was probably the most difficult one to build. Now there is only one knight left in the trio I stated a long way back. I have some new Ideas for other builds of this great model but that has to wait until I am done with these. I would also like to try some of the FW knights as they are a bit different in style and size. All in all my mechanicum forces are growing. As for the paint scheme I went with the standard green of the northern ghosts and white and blue flaking heraldry. As there are no knight in the legions I will have to come up with a suitable name for the merry band of free blades serving the northern ghosts. I do have a backstory for both the legion and the knights in my head, I will see if I will write it down also.

Also as a note, I now have more GS so I will continue with work on the Varangian, and perhaps get so far that I can start painting the feet. But first I have promised to paint Celestine for my wife.