lördag 30 juli 2011

Chapter 1: The Secret Meeting (silly, very silly)

We just played our first game in a year or so... And it was silly. Very silly, indeed. It was over before I even got to make my first move...*sigh*

There had been rumors of a secret meeting. Reports had come of a scitarii squad leaving town and heading for the ruined temple city of Gomar. What the scitarii could possibly have planned at such a site was beyond the imagination of Marlie Rour, Veteran Sister Superior, but she sure knew not to question orders. However, as the the orders came from Canoness Wilmix to rush towards Gomar in order to simply "observe" what was really going on there, Marlie felt slightly irritated. They had just returned from a brutal training session at Malova Jungle, stretching over two weeks and leaving her entire squad exhausted. Of course, Marlie would never admit to such weakness, and accepted the mission without question.

The entire objective felt strange. Sending the Adepta Sororitas to spy on the internal affairs of the Mechanicum? 

At the last minute orders came to bring along Priestess Annah and a Penitent Engine for extra backup, which just confirmed that though the initial command to "observe", violence was undoubtedly a possibility. And, as Annah mentioned in a hushed voice, there were supposedly two deathcult assassins already at the site. 

As they were closing in on the temple city of Gomor, Priestess Annah extended her mighty axe to the sky and prayed in silence as the Penitent engine thrashed ahead across the thick vegetation. The Adepta sororitas spread out, vigilant as ever.

Closing in on the ruins, the sky seamed to come crashing down on them. First, two sisters at the very front were torn apart, and before anyone had time to react there was a second, devastating blast.

The other sisters were completely shocked at the sudden and violent turn of events, seeing their superior torn apart in an instance together with the pious priestess and the handful of sisters surrounding them.  It all went too fast, blood and body parts scattered across the bush and all they could see was a huge figure stepping out of the ruins. 

Instinct told the sisters to raise their weapons and fire, yet the absurdity of the situation stayed their hands. It was a Mechanicum Knight! Why would the Mechanicum fire at them, without so much as a warning? Why?! The penitent engine shrieked and raged ahead, mindless of the gravity of the event, as the surviving battle sisters took cover, trying to make sense of everything. 

Then they saw. There were not only Mechanicum fighters hiding in the ruins of Gomar. 

"Fall back!" cried a battle sister, her voice breaking up. "Fall back, we have to inform the Canoness of this treachery!"

A voice, shrill and commanding, penetrated the communications network.
"Leave immediately, get the news back to headquarters. We will delay the enemy, but hurry!"

At the same moment, a deathcult assassin appeared from the shadows and went to attack. The target, a squad of grim looking renegades in tarnished power armors, emissaries of chaos, didn't even flinch. It all went too fast, and the assassin fell to the ground before she even got to strike a blow. 

From the other side of the ruin, the second assassin attempted to reach the scitarii. Two quick shots from afar stopped her right in her tracks, killing her instantly.

The penitent engine crashed into the Knight and for a brief moment there was an expression of bliss on the poor penitent's face. The ground shook as the great Knight fell, destroyed. The penitent shrieked in pain and pleasure, her mechanical extensions torn apart, leaving her immobilized. Seconds later a giant chainsaw ripped her open from behind, ending the sinner's miserable existence for good... 


fredag 29 juli 2011

Update, Scitarii

A short update. I have painted another three Scitarii and I am starting to get the hang of the assembly process and the painting. Now I is just a matter of buying and building enough of the guys before GW changes the Necron models. Al in all I thing they look suitably wild and non uniform for one to forget their origin. I also include a picture of my AD-mech "army "so far (except Titans and Knights). Now it will be back to the titans, finishing of the insides of the last Warhound. I might also make another Defiler conversion, Mordian 7th has a nice Myrmidon that I might like to imitate or it might be another Knight, but with close combat weapons this time. We will see.

I just got a question about what the original models look like so I show I picture of the necron warriors from the Games-Workshop website (© Games Workshop Limited 2000-2011)

tisdag 26 juli 2011

Reactor room, Wolfish Perversion

I have had a few days now of painting and things are moving along. I have finally finished the reactor room of Wolfish Perversion. It has taken me some time to get around to this. I think it is all the organic growths that has been putting me of from painting the insides, I clearly remember it from painting Unbreakable Desire, and it was new and fresh then but got a bit stale at the end which sadly has not changed much with time. Now I only have the front and weapons servitors left before I can assemble the upper body of Wolfish Perversion. It will be nice to start cleaning up the figure cabinets from random titan parts and assemble them.The paint scheme is similar to the of the previous warhound since they are supposed to be brother and so. On the out side there will however be some changes as the green stuff is different and Wolfish Perversion is the leader of the pack, which will be represented in the paint scheme. This is it for now...

måndag 25 juli 2011

Robot and Adept

After some inspired speed painting I now have my first Robot prototype base painted together with its controlling Adept. And I am currently working on the Adepts side kick in the form of a servitor and might post pics of it later. I think the jury is still out on the robot. I thought the bluetacked mock-up locked better with the launchers closer together but now that I look at the pictures it is not so bad. The problem is the alignment of the exhausts that interfere with the back of the main body. From Behind it is logical to place them as I did, as well as from the sides as there is a suitable cut out in the launches/jumppacks to fit nicely over the shoulder. However from the front I think they look like they are about to fall of. I will have to give it some thought and make a new attempt later on. But I think I managed to hide most of the Tau look as it is not to intrusive. Well it was a nice short project that could be assembled more or less straight out of the box so I might make more of these guys later. The Idea is that an Adept might control up to three robots by himself and by bring the servitor along he might have another three or the servitor can be removed instead of the adept in case he is killed preventing the robots form going into emergency protocols or something similar. I am not currently planing this as a playable army, so I will build and paint models in line with what I believe a mechanicum army should be like. There are a number of fan-dexes out there with the ad-mech armies. I have looked at some but I am not following anyone in particular. My basic line is that the mechanicum will not send a man to do a machines work and as such I will try to minimize the fleshy parts of the army at this stage. Later I might ad some guard/praetorian guards to fill out the lines, but we will see about that. Now I will finish of the servitor and then go back to paining the interior of Wolfish Perversion. It is a rainy day and I am on vacation so it will be a full day of painting I hope.


fredag 22 juli 2011

Back to 40k-work again...

I am back, again. I have had another project, non 40k related that has a deadline this weekend that needed to be done and the only way to get it done in time was to pack all the 40k stuff away. Hide the paints and brushes, and occupy the work space with other stuff. But now it is all done and my hobby table is once again filled with titans, robots, scitarii and other stuff. The first thing i did after my seclusion was to finish of the robot prototype. I had some sugestions to change to leg armour and it might have been best to do so, but this prototype should be build with out of the box parts and a minimum of green stuff so I will save any major modifications for the next one.
Then I also put some scitarii together, I tried to experiment a bit with using guitar strings to make cabling to the weapon as well as modifying the cuts of the parts to improve some things I was not happy with. I also cleaned up the engineseer and the iron brother and got them all spray pained and ready for painting. This was a few days ago and I have not had so much time to paint so I will just give you some pictures of where I am and I will have to get back when I have some more to show.

fredag 1 juli 2011

Robot ideas

After some tinkering with the Robot idea I now have a concepts so I have officially upgradet this to a new project, project robot. My big question right now is if I should have the "launchers" on the shoulders or not. And if I should have them, exactly how should they be mounted. The legs turned out slightly different than I thought they would but I think they are ok. Originally they where shorter and sat more closely together as they where mounted in the original leg recesses. The spacers used to fill the large holes in the main body did however change this. The alternative would have been to use green stuff to cover it up. Apart from this I think it will work, it needs some green stuff and so but otherwise I am happy. I try to keep the amount of customization to a minimum at this point, using as much of the original models parts as possible, as this will make it easier to make more of the same without having to make to much sculpting. There will always be some green stuff filling to cover-up some mismatches and such and I can always make a more advanced version later when I have worked out what needs changing.