måndag 6 november 2017

Ultra Dark Sister

This week has been really productive. Managed to build a bunch of models and get some of them painted. First of was some more primaris Ultra Marines. No to much to say about these guys really. I replicated the paint scheme from before. The models as such are nice but does not leave to much for creativity. But still they are relaxing to paint in their simplicity. Next of was a Sister of Silence. I am really fond of these models as they have more realistic proportions. I which GW would make more models like these. But, I am not to happy with the scale increase. She is actually taller than a 30k space marine. Compared to the primaris she is ok but this new scale of the models really messes with all the old stuff. Next was two legionnaires for the 1st legion. I really like how these turned out. I think the mk3 armor fits them nicely. I used the same recipe as for the rest of my pre-heresy Dark Angels. I am making them a bit more dirty and worn to represent their inability to give up. They just stay in the field until the job is done. No time to polish things if there are enemies still standing. In this way they are a bit like the Death Guard, at least as I see them, just as there seams to be one loyal and one fallen legion of each inclination.