söndag 19 maj 2019

Marneus Calgar

After suffering almost a month of restricted use of my right arm I am now slowly starting use it again. That also means that I can start painting again. As a restart of the hobby activities I decided to do a quick, ultra smurf job as this paint scheme is almost pure dry-brush and does not require any real fancy painting. I couple of months back I bought Marneus Calgar in his primaris form, including two body guards. The model is as perusal these days highly detailed and comes in a number of pieces. So the first thing to do was to determine how much I could assemble before painting, Marneus was pretty straight forward. Body without arms and back pack worked fine. For the body guards the cape became a problem. Either I had to build them completely or I would get a joint in the cape. If I built them completely I could not access the front of the model due to the sword and shield. In the end I opted to paint it in parts and hope that the final joint in the cape was not to bad. I glued the sword arm to the cape on one side and left the body and the shield arm free. One I hade painted the inside of the cape and the body I assembled the parts. It almost worked, but on one of the models the arm slipped during curing and a large gap appeared...

All in all I am happy with the result. I might go back and redo the gold as the way I did it was not the same as I usually do it and it turned out a bit dull and greenish.

Well, we will see if it gets done or not. At least I am now feeling good enough to continue on Varangian and finish him of, hope fully in a not to distant future.

fredag 3 maj 2019


Once again I got stuck in to many projects and have not had the time to finish anything major. As a break from Varangian, knights and other stuff I decided to do a quick paint job on a model that as been laying around for some time, Cypher the fallen angel.

I do like the sculpt. It is dynamic and a bit mysterious with Cypher being wrapped in his old tattered robe. That is also one of the big problems with the model. Since it is so 3D you need to paint it in pieces to get to all the layers. Then when you assemble it you end up with some quite unseemly joints in the robes. I do not know what is worse, not painting things that might not be seen anyway and assemble the model before paint, or doing a nice paint job on the parts only to end up with ugly joints. I went for the paint it before assembly option and had to repaint it quite a lot to hide the worst of the assembly joints.

Apart from it being a bit fiddly to paint I like the result. I just my standard recipe for painting jet black. For the robes I choose the same ice blue color that I have used on my pre heresy / fallen Dark Angels with a purple lining. The skulls etc were  picked out in bone, but their recessed position and size made it hard to dry brush them. I also added some green stones etc to tie it in with the later Dark Angel tendency towards deep green. I also added quite alot of dirt to the lower part of the robe to show that it has been around for some time. Why Cypher does not clean it when the rest of his friends does I do not know.

Well that is a shortie for now. I will try to finish of the main gun for Varangian this weekend and show it of in a couple of days. I also aim to finish most of the GS work that is left to do for the Warlord King of the Northern Ghosts.

Then it will be on to some new projects, and finding some old ones that has been sitting on my desk for some time.