torsdag 24 november 2022

Dominus Knight done

I have been away with work again for the last month, and only made short stops at home, and hence I have had very limited time to work on my knight. But now I have finally managed to squeeze in some time to finish of the arms for my Dominus Knight (which was also a bonus attempt for Dreadtober), which means it is done, and so is my first Knight banner.

I am not quite happy with how the arms turned out. They are ok but I think that if I hade started out with trying to replicate an imperial look from the beginning this would have turned out better. But I think it is time to let this go and learn from the experience and embrace the saying, "Kill your Darlings" next time. In this case I was so caught up with what I did for Varangian with the dragon skulls I thought that it would fit to do something similar here but no matter how much I tried I could not get the aesthetics to blend with the imperial look. I think it might be the size of the weapons. Smaller skulls would have worked as they would not have dominated the model, but in this case, the weapons are huge, probably to big for the model by them selves. So if I would re do this I would cut down the length of the barrels and make the housing as similar to the rapid battle cannon housing that I could make it. I should probably also have been satisfied with the capacitor banks under shoulders and not have had them also on the guns. But once again I had this thought of having these on the gun, similar to how many of the mechancium weapons look, but I could not make it and I tried several possible ways and this was what I settled on when I really should have realized that they needed to go. But that is now done with. I will try to keep this in mind for my chaos knight that I am planning to arm with dual Gatling's on the arms and back. If it does not work, don't force it. We will see if I can keep to this as the idea is already stuck in my mind. Now I have some infantry to finish and then we will see what I will do next.