lördag 26 maj 2012

Assault Knight

I am currently in the middle of a building frenzy. Al the ideas that I have thought about regarding my Mechanicum army are trying to get out at the same time. This we I had to build the Heavy Assault Knight. I have had this idea of taking the Defiler Knight and clothe it in heavy armor and equip it with the CCW arms from the Defiler kit. Since I bought two sets of Imperial strongholds, I have a lot of aegis defense lines to work with. I have seen some Knights on line that have used Aegis parts for the shoulders, but I think they look a bit unbalanced as the shoulders tend to look to large. My idea was to use more shield and use them both for arm and leg plates as well as for the shoulders. As this will make the Knight more heavy I have decided to use a more sturdy build for the legs using the defiler CCW instead of the slimmer back legs that I used before. I have made a basic assembly partially glued and partially held together by blue tack. I am quite happy with the result. It is distinct from the lighter Knight that I built before but there are still enough of a resemblance to tie them together. I will keep on building the different models for this project before starting with green stuff and later on, painting. In this way I can change the design and have the changes go through to all the models.

söndag 20 maj 2012

Myrmidon update

After playing around a bit with the Phirana body for my heavy Myrmidon I came to the conclusion that the body was to small and it was completely obscured by the weapon  arrays. So I decided to use the original defiler upper body as it is more massive. I also decided to use the shield over the front as in mordian7ths version of the myrmidon. This will also help tie the ordinary myrmidons to the heavy one. I also decided to use the battle cannon in its original position instead of putting a head in the front. It did however look a bit lonely so a added the twin linked autocannons to the same mount. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The weapons arrays  are immense and I have decided that they are plasma lances instead of ordinary solid shell cannons. Well now it is just to finish it up, fill in the gapes with green stuff, add some insignia etc...  and then I have two smaller myrmidons to do...

torsdag 17 maj 2012

Cannon building

A report from my first initial work. Apart from the boxes I bought I also bout some hammerhead weapon sprues. The thought is to use these to build some field artillery to be mounted on the heavy myrmidon and on one of the raptors. I had made some initial tries using the sprue pictures from the GW website and paint to see how one might remodel the peaces into something less tau. Now, you can not remove the origins totally but I think they turned out ok.

I also started to assemble the Phirana that will make up the main upper body of my heavy myrmidon. I will mount two twin mounted artillery guns to this. I have not decided exactly how they will be attached but I will have to wait with this until I get the body on to the legs so I can get the proportions right. So now I will just have to build another twin set and assemble the legs of a defiler to carry it around. Then It will be time for some plasticard  and green stuff to fill in the gaps and ad some nice details.

onsdag 16 maj 2012

New project

So, the things for my new project arrived today. When I got home from work I found a large package guarded by Balthazar in the hallway. After some unpacking I realized the magnitude of my purchases. This will be the next installment in my mechanicum army which will hopefully give me, two knights, three raptors, three myrmidons, two or four re-arming bunkers and a lot of bits for coming projects.

The myrmidons will be based on some conversions that I have found on the internet. There will be two myrmidons based on the model made by Mordian7th. Then there will be a heavy version based on a scorpion pattern defiler by tentakel games. They will not be copies but similar.
Then I will make one more Knight like the one I have. I will also make a heavy version with more armor and dual CCW. The left over legs and weapons from the boxes will be used to make some smaller two legged weapon drones that can accompany the knights. 
The bastions from the strong points will be made into rearming stations where knights and titans can stop to reload their weapons, or I might make them into drop pods for the knights.

These units are not taken from the fandexes that are out there and I will make them mostly to look good, not to be playable other than in very freindly games.

söndag 6 maj 2012

Space Wolves

During the last week(s?) i have painted some more Space Wolves. I am starting to get a feeling for the color scheme. I kind of like the dark color that they turned out to have. In the beginning I thought that they might be to dark and that they looked kind of lat in the color. Some more high lights might have been good. Then I started to look at the painting process. After I have painted the base blue in its two stages of dry brushing they are very detailed with a loot of highlights, but as I start to ad the other colors I lose the contrast of the base armor as it is so dark compared to the yellow and bone. So it is a trick of the eye rather than a real lack of highlight. And, if you look closely at the model you still see the highlights. Strange, but that is how it is. And as I accumulate more and more of them they look better and better, strange. In a group they look much better, the highlights pop out and so on. I also tried to use some transfers to get the Company logo on, but I could not get them flat on the shoulder pads and the borders got wrinkled so I took them of again. This probably means that I will have to free hand the symbol...   which might be for the better since I have gone for a very heavily chipped shoulder paint. Well I will paint up the last of the models I have and we will see where it goes form there.
I am also on the verge of buying the thing I need for the next mechanicum project, so this will also take up a large part of my time.
So here are the latest of the Space Wolves, Wolf Guard, Grey Hunter and a Blood Claw.