torsdag 17 maj 2012

Cannon building

A report from my first initial work. Apart from the boxes I bought I also bout some hammerhead weapon sprues. The thought is to use these to build some field artillery to be mounted on the heavy myrmidon and on one of the raptors. I had made some initial tries using the sprue pictures from the GW website and paint to see how one might remodel the peaces into something less tau. Now, you can not remove the origins totally but I think they turned out ok.

I also started to assemble the Phirana that will make up the main upper body of my heavy myrmidon. I will mount two twin mounted artillery guns to this. I have not decided exactly how they will be attached but I will have to wait with this until I get the body on to the legs so I can get the proportions right. So now I will just have to build another twin set and assemble the legs of a defiler to carry it around. Then It will be time for some plasticard  and green stuff to fill in the gaps and ad some nice details.

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