torsdag 19 juli 2018

Varangian inside

Finally I finished the inside of Vaangians body box. Most of the panels have been done for some time and what was missing was the interior paint job of the box, which I could not finish until I finished the outside (which is also done). I am happy with the look. The chevrons on the edges of the box indicates that the top of the carapace armor can be removed for maintenance of the reactors and internal stuff. Probably not something that is done regularly but I thought it would be a nice touch and be in line with the removable carapace of my Knights. There are certainly things i would have done differently if I would to this again, but since I had no conception about the dimensions, shapes etc on the inside of this model I had to make it up as I went and add things as them seamed to fit, which meant that it is probably not as thought out as I could make it now. Anyway I am pleased with the result, and if I change my mind later on I just need to keep the back lit on to hide it.

After this I only have the secondary weapons and gyros to finish before I have run out of things to paint on this titan. I am currently working on the green stuff for the back but that might take a while to finish. Then it is on to the main weapon systems. I do have some thoughts about some changes for these so I will not commit until the visions clear enough to make well founded decisions. So in the meantime I will work on the last of my three Knights I bought a couple of years back... it will be nice to see it finally finished.

And... there is one final thing to add to the interior of Varangian, I am working on a kitbash tech priest but more about that when it is closer to completion.

So this is it so far...

måndag 9 juli 2018

Varangian and friends, WIP

No major new things here. I have been trying to finish the body box for Varangian, but there are so many details and as soon as I think I painted the last thing I see something I have missed. I have worked on the shoulders, finishing of the chaos growths. I have been working on the rear platform, painting the door, lights, buttons etc. I have been painting the bottom of the body box. I have also started painting on the upper arms. I am not sure about the yellow head lights as they are VERY bright, color wise, compare to the rest of the model, but I will leave them for now and comeback to them later and make a decision.

Now I just need to finish the arms, get the support weapons painted as well as my Mechanicum guards for the back platform. Then I am out of things to paint for Varangian before I finish up my green stuff work. A major thing here is to get the back done, which is kind of problematic as I do not know exactly what it should look like. I had some ideas about two "dragon skeletons" draped over the cooling ridges, but I am not sure that I can sculpt it and how that will work with the void shields. I should however soon be able to start painting the shoulder plates as they are mostly done (has been for a while).

To get some variation I have also finished my second Vertus Praetor as well as the final Castelax. And I am trying my hand on some FW myrmidons, not to be confused with my Myrmidon Walkers, even if they are big for being "human". I have also to Skag Armigers to work on. The pilots are mostly done so I can finish up the cockpit build and start wit the exterior. There is also a castigator in a bucket with sop water so I think I have things to do when not working in the garden. Who said vacation was for resting?