måndag 9 juli 2018

Varangian and friends, WIP

No major new things here. I have been trying to finish the body box for Varangian, but there are so many details and as soon as I think I painted the last thing I see something I have missed. I have worked on the shoulders, finishing of the chaos growths. I have been working on the rear platform, painting the door, lights, buttons etc. I have been painting the bottom of the body box. I have also started painting on the upper arms. I am not sure about the yellow head lights as they are VERY bright, color wise, compare to the rest of the model, but I will leave them for now and comeback to them later and make a decision.

Now I just need to finish the arms, get the support weapons painted as well as my Mechanicum guards for the back platform. Then I am out of things to paint for Varangian before I finish up my green stuff work. A major thing here is to get the back done, which is kind of problematic as I do not know exactly what it should look like. I had some ideas about two "dragon skeletons" draped over the cooling ridges, but I am not sure that I can sculpt it and how that will work with the void shields. I should however soon be able to start painting the shoulder plates as they are mostly done (has been for a while).

To get some variation I have also finished my second Vertus Praetor as well as the final Castelax. And I am trying my hand on some FW myrmidons, not to be confused with my Myrmidon Walkers, even if they are big for being "human". I have also to Skag Armigers to work on. The pilots are mostly done so I can finish up the cockpit build and start wit the exterior. There is also a castigator in a bucket with sop water so I think I have things to do when not working in the garden. Who said vacation was for resting?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great job, I think the headlights should stay, once everything is on the build it gets closed and dark down there. Great progress, I’m only at legs superstructure stage, and a base now finished and attached to feet.

  2. I like the yellow lights