torsdag 31 januari 2019

Another Vorax and some Sicarian stalkers

Parallel to my to my painting on Varangian and Armigers I have been slowly chipping away on another Vorax and yet a new version of my Necron conversion skitarii.

The vorax has a slightly odd stance as I did not want it to stick its gun into the ground as per the original pose. Instead I intended to make it like it was sneaking around in a looping stride. Well it did not really turn out as I wanted but I am still quite pleased with the result.

As for the skitarii I did some necron conversions before the official skitarii kits were released. I do like the official skitarii models but they are a 10 monopose kit and I am not to sure about the robes on all of them. I have said it before and I will again. A mechanicum necorn aesthetic mix would have been a sweet looking army. Be that as it may. I wanted to make some terminator looking skitarii so once again I took out the necron warrior box and started cutting up the legs and reposing them. Then instead of using the gaus weapon nozzle as heads I used some left over skitarii heads. I also hade some weapons over from a rust stalker kit, hence the name, Sicarian stalkers. I also added some skitarii back packs that will be left over after I build some of the FW skitarii. All in all I think they fit better with my cybernetica army than the first versions. I think I have parts to build another 5 man squad so I might just do that,... at some point.

Now I will just have to press on with the Varangian and the Hellverins...

fredag 25 januari 2019

Another Helverin

Just finish the second Hellverin. This one was much faster to paint. Now I just need to finish building the next one start with that. I think this will be an interesting detachment with 12 Armigers (6 Helverings and 6 Warglaives) and a Preceptor. I wounder if they can bring down a titan?

I like the braced look of these guys, but I think the rest of them will be more moving and running poses. I am getting used to disassemble and reassembling the legs now so we will see if I can pull of something interesting.

fredag 4 januari 2019

Varangian's back is done

Christmas vacation is almost gone and I am done with Varangian's back. It has been an absolute paint to paint, it is large, heavy and full of small pointy green stuff horns that break easily. It is also a lot of detail on the inside of the ridges that are hard to get to with a brush. I know I have said it before and I will say it again, how can people paint this fully assembled?

All in all I am happy with the result. Perhaps not as clean as I would have thought but still ok. The intake cowls are now attached, at least temporarily. I might go back and to a more proper joint later on when I have rested a bit from this. I think it looks nice, a bit chaosy but not to much. I am glad that I listened to advice and skipped the rib cages. I am not sure that the lighter green on the ridges go to well together with the spine, to much of the same color to give a good contrast. We will see what it looks like once I get the void shield projectors done. I will probably make them also as bone to tie in with the spine.

As a small side project I also painted up one of the two chains that I 3D printed. The picture is a bit dark but I think it works. I ended up mounting them lower than I had planed so that the center would not cover up the emblem I sculpted on the armor. This leaves the old attachment points visible so I might remove them later on to tidy things up a bit.

When attaching the lid to the top I find it hard to get it all the way down now. It might bee that something on the inside it hitting something or it might be that the paint has added enough extra material to make it stick. I will have to look in to it later as I need to take the whole upper body of to do that.

Varangian is taking shape. Now I just have to finish the GS sculpting on the claw and the volcano cannon and start with the assembly of the shoulder weapons. Who knows, 2019 might be the year I finish this model.