söndag 24 oktober 2021

Dreadtober; Ghost Pattern Warglaive done.

Well, that was unexpected, I am done with my Warglaive Dreadtober challenge. When I posted last I did not think I would make it as all the chipping, weathering and details where left to do and usually that takes me a lot of sessions to get it done. But after having two solid (rather long) sessions I manged to finish it of. It is however a bit of a speed paint job, and I realized that I could have been a bitt better with cleaning up the modifications. Once the paint goes on all the places where a little green stuff should have been becomes more visible. I also realized that the new shoulder pads that I made to close the space between the arm shoulder plates and the body needs to be a bitt better prepped. But all in all I think the "Ghost" pattern Warglaive came out nice. It is really distinct from the Hellverins.

For the conversion I have mostly used bits from other kits. The glaive is made from the original and a lamp post from one of the scenery kits. The shield on the lance arm is from the Land Radier upgrade frame. The waist extension is a light bulb, also from one of the scenery kits. The skull is from the skull kit. It is only the cookpit (which is not visible from the out side ) and shoulder guards that are scratch built, the rest is just repositioning and some carving.

 I which GW would have done the knight kits a bit more modular so that they could have released an upgrade frame that is not only the weapons and armour but also some pieces that would alter the build of the chassis. Now I will just have to do the other five so that my super heavy detachment with armigers will be done. 

torsdag 21 oktober 2021

Dreadtober update

This week I managed to get the base paint on and the blue white chevrons. Next is shipping and weathering, hopefully this weekend. Next week will probably not see much progress so this is looking a bit bleak at the moment. But then again, I lost a week at the start of the challenge because I did not pay attention and the last week is work so I can't do much about it.

fredag 15 oktober 2021

Dreadtober, Build phase done.

Had a few quick sessions to carve some damage into the plates and added the chaos growth. The model is not in it subassemblies ready for a undercoat spray and then it is of to paint. Really hope that it will turn out fine with the paint on. The modifications are quite drastically taking it some way from the original and there is always the chance that it will look out of place with the rest of the range.

Lets see if I can finish it this week as I will not abele to work on it the last week of October.

måndag 11 oktober 2021

Dreadtober update

This weekend I decided to get as much construction done as possible for my converted Warglaive. Since there eventually will be six of these  in total I decided to do all of the constructions in one go to have some consistency between them. That meant six cockpits, and six sets of shoulder guards. This of course took more time than I hade planed so I did not get to where I wanted to be after the weekend. But with an extra evening of work I am now in a position to do some battle damage and start sculpting on the chaos growth. If all goes to plan I will start painting the coming weekend.

torsdag 7 oktober 2021

Dreadtober challange 2021

It is that time of year again, and I almost missed it, Dreadtober. I was traveling with work and totally forgot about this, but better late than not at all. So I singed up for the challenge. As I started late I had to choose a suitable project that would not take to long to get to a painting stage but still was complex enough not to finish in one or two sittings, and the gods only know that I have enough big models sitting in the to do pile, half built and unbuilt.

For this year I vent with a Warglaive that has been sitting around my desk since the Armiger knight class was released. I even managed to paint six Hellverins while this one was sitting by the side line. I am not sure why it never was finished but this is my real chance to get it done. It will act as the model for another five of these that I have and that will go with the Hellverins.

I really wanted the Warglaive to look distinctly different from the Hellverin, not just a weapon swap, so I decided to make some conversions. The first thing that struck me was to shave down the top carapace front flaring to make the "neck" slimmer. Then I decided to add some extensions beneath the feet and a at the waist to give it some extra height. I also decided to try to mount the shoulder guards on the arms instead of on the top carapace so that they will move with the arm which will make some nice dynamic poses. This does however leave quite a large gap between the shoulder and the top carapace when the arms are in a hanging position. So I hade to make some smaller shoulder guards to bridge the gap but that still allows the main shoulder to slide up over it it the arms are lifted.

I also decided that the reaper chaincleaver was to short and made it into a pole arm instead. The thermal lance was equipped with a shield to further emphasize the closecombatness of this monster.

The model is almost built now, just need to finish up some green stuff work on the custom pieces and add the standard chaos growth. I also need to build the cockpit for the pilot. That will be up next. Hope fully I can get the model full build this weekend so that I can start painting next week.

tisdag 5 oktober 2021

Morvenn Vahl

This week I present to you; Morvenn Vahl... or Fnyssan as I like to call her (due to the colour combination which is my wife's signature colours). I like this model!, to bad that that other paragon suits are not more like this one. The level of detail is really stunning and lends it self well to dry brushing. I did not go with the box art paint scheme for this model, instead I did it almost the same way as I did the Paragon suits, but instead of covering the metallic green with a black wash I kept the green and give it a dry drybrush to polish it a bit. This last step was just an improvisation but it worked really well. As the model is dry brushed silver in several steps with a black wash as a base, the green wash really pops with an emerald sheen, but it is rather flat. So instead of dry brushing a layer of silver on top of the green I used a dry brush and dry brushed the model. This wore away the green wash and revealed the silver beneath, giving nice highlights with a light green tone. This is something that I need to try again with other colours. Over all I am happy with how she turned out even if I think the green and purple is not really my coup of tee. The army colour's are silver and purple (as set out by my wife) and my addition of the green/black just turned out this way when not adding the black top layer. But it does fit nicely with the darker paragons from a distance as one can see the resemblance in base colour.