lördag 30 november 2019

Lady Oxidia in Entropy WIP

Well, well....  last time I had some problems deciding which project to run with... and it turned out to be something completely different than what I thought. As I was contemplating what to do I realized that I had a half painted knight lying around. Some time ago I had some ideas to do a preceptor to go with my flock of Armigers. I decided to do a corrupted version of Canis Rex, i.e. a rusted out metallic knight with some spikes etc. So I decided to start with the armor plating, just to try some large metallics using my regular recipe. I whipped up some spikes and scars on the main plates and set about painting them and I posted the results. But then it stopped. I needed to make a scenic base for the model and as some of you readers might have noticed, I am not a fan of bases, or I was not a fan of bases, things might be changing on that front. Any way I got stuck on making the base so I could not finish the body of the knight as it needed to be posed on the base. Which led to the painted armor just lying around.

Now back to the present. As I had not doen anything for the base in several months I just decided to run with what I had and just go with it. So I glued down a half chimera to a knight base, added some leftover buildings and it was done. Once I knew the terrain it was an easy build to pose the legs with one foot resting on the wreck and the other on some ruins. Once that was sorted the body and arms were straight forward with some minor adjustments of the fingers on the power fist. The knight has an interior but I will get back on that later. So after a quick build of the body and arms I put down the base color, rusted metal. The lighting in the pictures does sadly not show how it actually looks as the highlights form reflecting light is saturating the camera sensors which means I need to turn the sensitivity down making the rest of the model very dark. I will need to figure out how to take pictures of metallic models for the next time. But at least it gives you an idea of what the model will look like at some point.

Next up is some finishing touches to the outside then I will finish up the interior and the pilot. I also need to finish of the last of the first batch of Armigers, the Hellverins so that I can start building the rest of them. I think this Banner will look really sick when done. All in all I am exited to see what the Northern Ghosts and Northern Nights will look like when done.