tisdag 24 juni 2014

Grey Knigth, a homage...

Well...   the other day Erasmus Brosdau and his crew released a teaser for their upcoming CGI film, The Lord Inquisitor. This teaser features a Grey Knight arming up for action. As this is probably the best 40k CGI out there and I am eagerly awaiting the full animation I just had to do something as a homage to their efforts. The atmosphere in the teaser is so full that I just felt the urge to get me some Grey Knights and get painting. Well, after a quick, well actually not so quick as I got stuck discussing painting techniques, trip to the local hobby store, I am now the owner of a box with Grey Knight terminators. I have previously explored the true metal painting technique on my Juggernauts, where one tries to emulate the look of metal without using 2d techniques as NMM. I though that this would also suit the Grey Knights as it will give them a worn and dark feeling to them. So I started some rushed painting, I don't think the glue had cured before I stared painting, on a duel wielding Grey Knight. The rest of the squad will receive some more tender handling before paint. But I am happy with the paint if not the photos. The colours will just not transfer correctly. I am not to sure about the pose but it will have to do. There are more figures where that came from and I am not in the habit of redoing models...

As I already have a Grey Knigth squad from the 90th I also hade to take a group pic with the new and old models.

söndag 8 juni 2014

Update, Desert Scorpion and the Fool

Time is running and soon it is time for some vacation, but not yet, still have a few weeks to go with at least two more trips. This combined with my inability to finish of the garage makes my painting progress very slow at the moment. But, hopefully this will improve once I start spending some time at home again. Well, have managed to paint a little bit on the scorpion. The main gun has gotten its sand colour and some basic chipping, I have also blocked in some metal parts. Once that is done I will add some grease stains and soot. I think it is coming together nicely.

I have also painted some more on the Fool. This time it was the shoulders/wings/? that got some attention. I have no idea what these things are supposed to be or what they do. However, they have a quite cool interior ring that I decided to paint up as some thruster part or something similar. Sadly these parts will be covered in the original build and they are only visible if the model is put together slightly different, but in this pose I think the whole thing looks a bit strange. So I will do a compromise and mount them in almost the correct position but with a slight offset to show the interior ring.

Well that is pretty much it...  until nest post.