söndag 17 mars 2013

Progress report

This will be a short progress report as I have not finished any major models lately. I have been cleaning up on the to do list, mostly single model painted for relaxation. Three and a half Desert Brederen are now painted. The Helldrake that I got for Christmas is starting to take shape, even if there is still a lot to do there.
I will soon start painting on one of the defiler walker artillery that I got as a bonus from the Knight project. I will make it Desert coloured and paint up a Techmarine to go with it. I have also made a sergeant and a spotter to my heavy weapon squad, one pained they will get a razorback.
At the local hobby centre I also found some miniguns from "maxmini" so now I will make another heavy weapon squad.
In the near future I will receive an order from GW with some weapon sprues and some Dark Angel upgrade sprues. I will use the weapons to upgrade two old plastic landraiders. These where originally for my Dark Angels but I never got around to painting them (I already have the duplicates painted). The rest of the weapons will go into a Fellbalde conversion project.

I do have so many plans for what I want to paint and so little time. We will see how much of it that gets done. I will anyhow try to limit the amount of models being painted at the same time.

fredag 8 mars 2013

Desert Bretheren

For my birthday I got a kit with Eavy Metal Edge Lining paints and a box of finecast Black Templar Sword Bretheren from my wife. Now I have not worked a lot with finecast, just one model before but I must say that it was quite a nostalgic moment. The models are highly detailed, very sharp edges and of course a lot of warping. In the old times, late 90th and early 2000 metal models had the same detail and where often bent and misshapen from their stay in the blister pack. This was before white metal and so the models where quite easy to bend back into some form of straightness. The same was the case with my sword bretheren, the chainswords where bent and wobbly  some of the models had clear missalighnments between front and back and some had obvious under castings giving them a somewhat famined look.
But sine they where a birthday present I love them, they are looking super cool and as my wife pointed out, they will fit right in with my Desert Eagles in robes. Well I started with some hot water straigthening of the models and got them ok, not great but straight enough. The I set about painting them and I am super pleased with the result. I think they are even better looking as Desert Eagles than my Death Wing Knights. However, looking closely at the models one can see that my drybrushing technique is not working as well on finecast as it does on plastic. The surface is slightly rougher so it tends to form a more knobbly texture when dry brushed, this sadly means that the shading is not as smooth and even as on the plastics. On the other hand, the details are much sharper and gives a great contrast. I am also still experimenting with my new recipe for Desert Eagle armour so the colouration differs somewhat between models.

On the topic of paints, I did not think I would use the edge lining paints as much as I do, since I mostly drybrush, but they are excellent to pic out details and give an extra edge to things. So all in all I am very happy with my presents.