onsdag 26 juni 2013

Stormbird? WIP

After the successfully conclusion of the Desert blade I felt embolden to try another plasticard project. So of I went out into the internet for inspiration. I actually came across a few potentials but some are a bit out on the left field for what I am currently doing and some requires some more skill than I posse. But I did come across a "summer of fliers" hoax, a sisters of battle flier. This was actually two imperial Valkyries and a Landraider. Not a very impressive kit bash but it had its points. I have been looking at the Valkyrie for some time now and I decided that this would be the time to try to do something with it. So I went down to the local hobby centre and bought two Valkyries and some plasticard. Then I set to work, well, I am trying to paint the house at the same time so my hobby time is limited, but this is as far as I have gotten.

The idea is to make the hull more or less tight, then start with some layering on the outside to give the large flat surfaces some texture, there are also some things that need to be scratch built. I am also trying my hand at the interior, and so far it is looking ok. It is far from as neat as I would have liked but some of the techniques are turning out ok and I think I am improving. So if I can get a few more projects like this under my belt I might feel confident enough to try out the holy grail, a Warlord. But that is another project for another time. At the moment this one is taking the little time I have.

I have not really decided what to call it. It would be tempting to name it as a Stormbird, however, there are pictures on the net of what is generally though of as the Stormbird and mine does not look anything like it (if the old drawings are correct). Mine is also a bit to small. I would guess that it is slightly shorter than a Thunder hawk and according to fluff it should be bigger. It is probably large enough to carry 30 marines plus a command squad and the crew. This would equal a Horus Heresy tactical squad and as such would fit nicely to that size. I might even get me some heresy era marines to go with it if it turns out ok.

We will see