onsdag 23 februari 2022

Kappa Gamma 451, Captain of the Guard

Last week I was traveling with work so I have not had much time to paint, but I managed a quick one during my recovery time after I returned home. This model has been hanging around the to do shelf, built and base sprayed, for quite some time. It is built from some leftover parts from my skitarii and necron builds. Not the most advanced conversion but he has a bit of flare with the robe flapping, gun in hand and sword out. As the model is just a single model, not being part of some other squad, I did not feel a pressing need to paint it before. But now it came in handy as I needed something that was easy and quick to paint.

The idea behind the whole ting is that he is the captain of the personal body guard of my forge lord and will be protecting him and his henchmen once I get around to build and paint them. I actually have quite a few models for this little team. Apart from him I have a 10 man squad of Secutarii Hopilites, two Domitar Ferrum Class battle automata and a standard Domitar battle automata.  I will also be using all the on foot models I have from the titan and knight kits to fill out the retinue with liaison officers from the different weapon branches of the Northern Forge. With some luck I will eventually get them all done, but this is a start.

söndag 13 februari 2022

Captain General Trajann Valoris



This is a model I have been sitting on for some time. I got it from my wife together with the Custodian Wardens, but decided to wait with painting it until a special occasion. Well I do not know if it was a special occasion but I needed to immerse myself in a straight forward model for a day or to to keep my mind in check. I decided to do him in the same colour scheme as the rest of my Custodes, i.e. a white metal base and gold plate with crimson robes. For some reason I do not know, the robe turned out very glossy compared to how it usually works. Hence it is difficult to see the shades and highlights in the pictures. Apart form this I am really happy with how it turned out. To give him some extra height and some more detail I made a custom base with a broken concrete slab and some skulls.


All in all it was a very nice model to paint and it was easy to beak it down into manageable subassemblies for painting, that was easy to assemble afterwards without chipping the paint. 

Now I just need to get my hands on some Allarus Custodians.

söndag 6 februari 2022


The second box of miniatures I got for Christmas from my wife was a squad of Pteraxii. I really love the look of these. The wings look really realistic and could probably work with strong enough jet engines. The wings are however quite large and are quite complex (7 pieces), almost as much as the rest of the model. Due to this I decided to only do three in parallel instead of the full five man squad, and it turned out to be a good decision as it was on the limit of what I can dry brush in one go with out clogging the brush. I will try to do the last two as soon as possible to finish of the squad.

I think these models look really good. The design of the wings/jet pack is really nice and could works as stand alone drones. In the beginning I was a bit unsure of how to paint them, should I do the silver and read of my main host of Mechanicum or should I go for the green of the Northern Ghosts as the Legio cybernetica?, in the end I went for a brown and green scheme, similar to my Rangers and Sicarian infiltrators. All metal parts where done in "Ghost green" and the soft material in brown / leather. The membranes of the wings  got a slightly different tone to break it up a bit. The models are also not built exactly to code as I thought the assault rifles look really good but I also like the idea with the spur claws so I mixed it up a bit. Barrels and jet exhausts got heat staining while all head lenses were done in read. I guess the one could have gone for different colours for the main eye lenses and the side sensors, but I think the cluster of similar "eyes" look really good.