måndag 20 juli 2020

Bier of Saint Katherine

Finally got around to finishing the Bier of Saint Katherine. This was not fun... there are way to many fiddly cherubs, banners and cyber gear, and that is not to mention the slightly discomforting feeling of painting naked babies. As with all the late GW sculpts the detail level is super high so you need to paint it in sub assemblies to get to it all.

Apart from the paint not sticking to my base coat things when smoothly but just took so much time. I choose not to do the cherubs with the traditional white wings but instead I went for something more bird of prey like. Over all I think it looks good, but the freehand on the banners are awful, the brush I used did not want to yield the paint smoothly and if watered to much is just started running all over the place. I do not know how people do this... so that is the one part I am not happy with but will have to live with.

The bier was done as an all metal piece with a purple cushion to hold the armor and bones of Saint Katherine. I did the armor as a rusted version instead of the golden one portrayed in the box art. From a distance it does however look like it is golden... all in all a limited palette.

Now I just have to go back to all the saints, and make sure they are all painted similar, touch up some edges and assemble it all.