torsdag 18 juni 2015

Castellax with Darkfire Cannon

I finished of the weapons and arms of the first Castellax the other night, and I am pretty pleased with the result. The paint scheme is in-line with the rest of my mechanicum forces. I also pulled out an old "Robot" built from a Tau battle suit. I think I was a bit a head on the mechanicum as I also made some tech priest to guide it around, and this was way before the current mechanicum lists.Even though a lot of my mechanicum models have different origins I still think they go together as I have maintained the paint scheme and the nature of the army is so diverse. This is what I think makes the mechnicum one of the best armies for people like me, there is not set model, you are allowed to make your own inventions as long as you stay with in the general 40 k look. So even if I do not agree 100% with the designers of the current 40k mechanicum design, I can still build upon it and make my own conversions. So I think one of my next purchases need to be the some kastelan robots and some serious head swapping.

måndag 15 juni 2015

Castellax WIP

As usual these days I am finding it hard to find any time to paint but I have managed to finish of the first trio of Thallaxes and have started on the first Castellax. Not much to say really, it is an old and well tried paint scheme. One thing that I have changed a little bit is how I do the flaking chevrons, instead of using tejp and dry brushing I am free handing it which is easier for the smaller models. I am happy with they way these models are turning out and I think they will look really good as a group.