onsdag 29 maj 2013

The Desertbalde

So, I finally finished up the Desertbalde. I am very happy with how it turned out. I can improve in my plasticard skills but I think it is still on an acceptable level with this build. I do have some Ideas for the next step in practising my plasticard skills. It will still be a kit bash but with more scratch than on this one. As I am currently also painting away at some thing much larger (our house) than my models it might be awhile before this new project. In the mean time I will paint up some marines that have been hanging around my to do shelf. I will also return to the northern ghosts and finish some of the myrmidons and knights as they are mostly built and only need some greenstuffing before going to paint.

fredag 10 maj 2013

Another short update on the Desertblade

Well this will be another of these short updates as I have not really anything new to say except to show the progress of my work. In short, the stomach flue is over, which means that I have some more energy again, most of that energy is spent on the hose and garden at the moment as the weather is nice and as the proverb goes, strike while the steel is hot. The other day it was cloudy and a bit of rain which meant that I did have time and peace of mind to work on the Desertblade, I got the tracks mounted, the main gun painted and started out on the heavy bolter turrets. Regarding the tracks  how is it that a computer generated model does need so much fiddling to come together? One would have thought that it would just be to smack on the track peace and they would fit nicely, but o no! Luckily I had not attached the drive wheels so I could adjust the position a bit but I would have expected the to come on more smoothly. Well they are on now and the position will have to do. They are just base painted now and they need some more attention but that will be for another day.

söndag 5 maj 2013

Short short update on the Desertblade

This will be a very short update on what has been going on since not much has happened. Last week we had valpurgis night here and we had some friends over which was very nice but did not leave me any time to paint. Then I got hit by a stomach flue which also has prevented me from painting. So nothing much has happened from my last post. The main hull is now painted and I have started on the chipping and some details. Hopefully I can get some more painting in next week before I have to go away on work for a whole week.