söndag 19 april 2015

Bloodthirster; update 2

Not much new on the Bloodthrister. I have painted the red on the head and hands as well as gotten some metal on to the axes. The horns are not quite done yet but I am getting there. I have also attached it to the base so that I don't risk as much hipping handling it. It still lacks some armour, the wrist and thigh guards as well as the belt buckle and the loin cloth. I originally planed to use the full armour set that comes with the model but the more I am working with it I am getting convinced that I should keep the armour to a minimum. After I am done with the head I will go on to the wings which will take forever as they are so big that I will have to paint them one side at a time and four applications to each, adding up to 16 sessions.

söndag 12 april 2015

Bloodthirster; WIP

So, the next project is a Bloodthrister. As usual it is not a straight out of the box build but I am not telling what I changed yet. So far I have painted the body and will now start with the head and hands. I choose a darker, almost brown red tone for the skin instead of the bright red of the original. I think this gives it a more believable skin tone. I have also keep the other colours in the brown read scale except the bone to keep a cohesive palette. So far I am happy with the result, the model is very textured so it is easy to get the drybrush to look good but it is easy to miss areas as there are so much detail. Well that is it for now.

onsdag 1 april 2015

Myrmidon walker; done

So, I have finally finished the last of the Myrmidon walkers I began several years ago. It has been a bit of a pain to get it done as I for some reason has not really had the hobby mojo lately. I also lost one of the missile pods which was really annoying as I now have to try to get hold of a spare and I do not think I am into the businesses of buying a new Tau model just now for one pod. I do have some ideas of a walker trope transport similar to the Scorpion I build a while back based on a Defiler and the Hammer head gunship. So if that ever get build I might finish this by adding the last pod.

Finishing this model is actually quite timely as GW has finally decided to release some official models for the mechanicum. And as it where with the Knights, my home made kit bashes actually go rather well with the new models. The scitarii is a bit different but there seams to be other infantry that is more in line with my necron based versions. Also the Myrmidons seams to be in line with the dune crawler, so with similar paint jobs they might actually look good together. But first I think I will order some FW ad-mech models as I think they aesthetically beats the GW plastics.

Well, now that that is done I will see if I can get some more drive for the hobby...