måndag 16 mars 2015

Getting there, Last of the myrmidons update

 I am slowly getting there. I have finished of the weapon arrays and the leg armour. Now there are just some small armour parts for the head left and then on to final assembly. It is not turning out to be one of my neater paint jobs but at this point I just want to get it done and move on. There is a Bloodthirster lurking on the to do shelf and it is giving me the evil eye. I also need to get some momentum on Opus so there is still things to do.

söndag 8 mars 2015

Dark Angel Knigth and Eagle guard

Well, here we are again.Long time, no blogg. I have been having problems focusing on the painting lately. To much other stuff going on, which means the work on the last Myrmidon is going very slow at the moment. In the last two weeks I have only manage to finish one of the weapon arrays. It is quite a large part and it is mostly green which makes it tedious to paint. I need to make sure I take the time to get the shading as smooth as possible so that I will not regret it later on and there for I am stalling with the painting. Instead I have been doing some smaller models with more variation to them, and most importantly, something I can finish in one or two nights. There are two terminators, one for the Desert Eagles and one for my pre-heresy fallen Dark Angels. When painting the Eagles guard for the Desert Eagles I realised that it was quite some time since my last Desert Eagle and I did not get the colours quite right. I thin k I will have to start writing down the recipes. The Dark Angel turned out ok. I quite like the sinister look of the model and pose. I think it captures the look of the pre-heresy, medieval, full plate, knight. I have also been working a little bit on Opus, but I do not have enough progress yet to post any pictures. The idea is to finish the flight deck so that I can start painting that, even if the rest of the model still has quite a lot of work left. That should give me some motivation to actually focus a bit and get some progress in the build. I would like to have it structurally done before summer, then I can build details in smaller bouts.