söndag 30 mars 2014

Fallen Knight with armoured legs

 Once more, a short update on my progress with the Knight. Since we still has limited bandwidth I will only show two images this time. I have finished the legs and added the armour plates. I am very pleased with how they turned out. The chaos growth are in my opinion the best I have done so far. They are quite discreet and goes well with the rest of the model. And then I just have to show why the pilots of the knight refer to the Knights as mounts. When removing the back armour it does look like the pilot is riding on the back of some grate lumbering best. Well...  now it is weapon time. Enjoy.

torsdag 27 mars 2014

Fallen knight with legs

Just a short update. We ran out of internet this month so I can upload to many pictures right now. But that has not stooped me from working on the Knight. After finishing the torso I painted a face shield for the head. Then I started out on the feet and legs. I tried to give them a slightly dusty look by adding some lighter earth tones on top of the base green. I did the same on the lower parts of the legs. It is hard to see in the image due to the bad light. I need to get picture of it later on. Now I will start on the armour parts and then it is on to the weapons. I am surprised how long it is taking me to paint this one. I must have sunk 20-30 hours into it by now.

lördag 22 mars 2014

Fallen Knight update

Painting of the Fallen Knight is moving forward. Now I have added the last parts to the torso, smoke stacks and misc armour plates and of course the main back carapace. So now I will move on to the legs and the arms. As usual I think the model looks better in reality then on the photos. I really should get my self a light box and a decent camera. The whites are showing way more in the photos than in IRL. Well, I hope you like it anyway.

måndag 17 mars 2014

Progress of the day, Fallen Knight heraldic shield.

Today I have painted the heraldic shield and the heavy stubber for my Fallen Knight. I also got stuck on the name "Veritas Mortis" for it. I will see if I will add it in text somewhere in the future.

söndag 16 mars 2014

Fallen Knight Update

Just a short update. I have now painted the outside of the torso of the Fallen Knight. I went with a green base colour with a lot of rust and damage. This will not be seen once the armour is on but I know it is there and it will be seen when displaying the inside.

And for those of you who wonders what the Lord of skulls would look like with knight legs I made a quick mock up as I had the parts lying around.

lördag 15 mars 2014

Fallen Imperial Knight; interior

I have finished the build of my Fallen Imperial Knight and I have stared painting. The first think to do was to paint the interior, the cockpit and the engine bay with turbines. I also painted the pilots hatch as it is sort of part of the interior. The idea is that I should be able to either display it with the hatch in closed position, open position or with the back carapace removed. I have also opened up the back ventilation grill above the turbines so you can see the engine bay form the out side. The sides of the body was painted in a hazard chevron so that worker know where the edge is and that there is some risk of body injure when putting the armour back on. I also made it quite worn with the paint shipping away on the edges as people step in and out of it during maintenance. I do like the idea of the back armour being removed for easy access during maintenance. I guess that also would apply to titans. Well now I will start working on the out side. I just have to decide how worn to make the base paint and how to paint the heraldry. The hose that the Knight belongs to has sworn it self to the Northern Ghosts Titan legion so the colours will be similar as my titans and my home built Defiler Knights.

 Hope you like.

måndag 10 mars 2014

What went wrong...

...with the imperial Knight kit?

As I mentioned in my last post I started seeing some odd things when I build my Imperial knight. First I noticed that the frames, at least in my box, did not completely fill the box. It looked at bit strange to have so much empty space in the box. Then I saw these internal fittings on the upper body side panels that are not really used for anything and I cant see that they would be needed in the casting process. This in combination with the open driver door made me think that there might have been some work on an interior. The model in itself is on par with the Forge world titans in detail so it would have been reasonable to have some commander sitting inside.
Then today I got around to building the arms and realised that the arms attach with a bajonet fitting, so they are removable. Well not quite. If you glue in the shoulder guards they are almost removable (you need to open up the slots in the arms to adjust the angle at which they are removable). This makes it look that someone at some point thought that switching weapons might be needed... . Then you have the codex, which I have not read, that only contains the same things as was in the white dwarf, i.e. the paladin and the errant. It is mentioned that if you play them as an army you need to designate a warlord but you do not have any FOC or models to cover a specified lord with out conversions. Added to this you have the companion with a lot of info, have not read that either. This also makes it look like they had a lot of information that they decided not to put into the regular codex for some reason. Looking at the price of the companion one might conclude that it was not feasible to charge that much for a codex and only have rules for two models.

When I surfed the net after this post I came across some other post with similar thoughts. There it was also pointed out that there is a mounting hole behind the pilots hatch that is not used now that could be for mounting some weapons on the back carapace.

All in all it makes it appear that something went wrong in the process with the knights. The kit looks like it has been designed for more variants and greater flexibility in different builds. The books also looks like they where made to be a larger full codex and was subsequently split due to the lack of rules...

Well this is all speculation and which full thinking on my part and it is most probably nothing. It is a great kit but it could have been so much more with just a few more frames in the box like the baneblade...

They could also have copied the FW Reaver leg assembly to make it more posable.

It is still the best kit by GW so far. The detail is amazing and I do look forward to painting it.

Apart from coming up with conspiracy theories I have now built most of the Knight. I am holding of on the last details like purity seats, hand holds and rails until I am done with the GS.

söndag 9 mars 2014

Fallen Knight

So, finally it arrived. My lovely wife got me a Knight for my birthday. It arrived a bit late, probably due to the availability issues at GW. So I will not be the first to publish a fully painted Knight, not that I ever thought I would. I like to enjoy my build and paint time and it would be a shame to speed paint one of these.
As I already have some chaos titans and some homebuilt Defiler Knights this Knight also had to belong the fallen. So I have to chaos it up so that it goes with the rest of my mechanicum army. I know that chaos cant use Knights but still, it will look good in the cabinet. So I did some chaos stars/circles on the main armour plates. I will let it cure and then go back and add more where needed.

After seeing John Stienin 's knight with interior I decided that I would also make an interior. However, my bit box is a bit thin on screens and controls at the moment as I use most of what I had for the drop ship. But I did have the extra Valkyrie crew so I decided that this would have to do for pilot. once I started with the cockpit I realised that I also would have to do the engine bay so that the whole interior looks nice when I remove the back carapace. I use two jump packs from maxmini to symbolise some cooling units for the reactor sitting further down. I will add some random bit to the cockpit and then sculpt some screens for the rest.

When working on the interior I notice that there are some very distinc structures on the inside of the side panels, that looks like the are for mounting things, but they are not use in the original build. This make me think that there has to be a "command" sprue fore these knight somewhere with an interior. Might be release later as some add on sprue. One can hope. Or they just scraped the idea with an interior. But the removable pilots hatch is kind of telling that they did plan for something inside.

 Well this is just a short update on what I have manage to do so far.

lördag 1 mars 2014

Desert Eagle Centuriion

As I have finished my Defiler Knight on time I treated my self to some plastic crack. As a holiday treat I bought a box of centurions and I decided that this was the time to paint one. The model is very detailed and I am sorry that the photos do not convey the colours of the model correctly. Apart from the some what cramped leg position I do like these models. One might try some conversion work on them to make them more dynamic but on the other hand, they are supposed to be walking tanks. Well, now my Desert Eagles have a centurion and there is two more to come.