torsdag 26 april 2012

Random minis

I have found that I have somewhat of a difficulty to maintain a strict focus on the blog now that I do not have a project running. It was much easier to remember to update the blog with the progress of the week. It was also a way for me to document the progress. Now however I only paint random miniatures without any greater context, not that I don't enjoy it the painting, but documenting painting a single marine and then posting about it becomes some what lame. During the last weeks I have painted some more Desert Eagles, Space Wolves and Scitarii as well as finishing up the Desert Eagles command rhino. But since I am not painting an army it is still random minis. So what I need is a new large project to keep me occupied for some mounts so that I can post about it. I have an idea about building two more knights to join my mechanicum force. I have also seen some Myrmidons based on the Defiler kit so I am tempted to build three of these. I have made a list of parts that are needed and it looks promising. I need 5 Defilers, 2 Sentinels, 1 Phirana, 2 Imperial strong points and 4 hammer head weapons sprues. The cost is about a war hound so It better last at lest 4 mounts. I only have to come up with the funds for this, and order the bits...

lördag 14 april 2012

Command Rhino

We have finally found our camera again. It had been face down in a field for two weeks, suffering both snow and rain as well as some trampling. Well we brought it in, wiped it down, dried it out and now we can take some pictures again. Apart from this my hobby time the last weeks has gone to other family related activities so I dont really have that much new to show.

I did however get an impulse to make myself a command vehicle for my Desert Eagles. I hade done one a long time ago for my Dark Angels, based on the old rhino model so I started looking through my stach of boxes and lo and behold, I found an old rhino kit that hadnt been to badly raided. So I started to look for more bits and managed to get something together. The bolter racks at the back was not really meant to be there but it was the only peaces that I had that would fit. There is still some work to be done on it but it turned out ok, abit of old school.