söndag 11 augusti 2019

Varangian Done

So today I moved Varangian from the hobby room into the living room where there is better natural light and brought out the nice camera for some better shots. Turned out that it was more difficult than I thought, especially as I stripped all the armor and the back plate of for some shots. I ended up doing some repairs on things that came of. When I tried to get the back back on it would not fit properly, I do not know why and now I have so much spikes etc on there so it is hard to fore it closed. I will leave it as is for now.

All in all I am happy with how he turned out. Enjoy!

fredag 9 augusti 2019

Varangian crew

I did it...   I finally finished Varangian. By completing the crew I have painted the last parts of Varangian. Not that these will be seen (I have had Varangian more or less in its final appearance for a while now) as the cockpit is enclosed, but they were the last to be painted.

I tried to add some chaos flavor by adding some spikes, disfigured chest ornaments and a corrupted throne mechanicum to tie into the falling theme of the titan. I am not sure I really pulled it of but at this point I was so tiered of the model and just wanted it done to be to picky about the design of something that will not be seen very often.

As for colors I went with blue robes/jumpsuits and rusted metal helmets and shoulder armor. Leather gloves and bots completed the out fits. All in all a very quick GS and paint job, not my finest but it will do.

Next up is a photo session with a more professional camera than my mobile and some better day light lighting to get a set of completed pictures. Then I will switch palette and do something completely different before tackling that row of armigers staring at me from the side lines.

torsdag 8 augusti 2019

Varangian heraldic shields

I am getting there. The last external parts are painted, the shields, and I am working on the crew.  As I have both alpha and beta heads for the warlord I decided to use all four shields on Varangian, one set on the front and one on the back.For the back shields I went for some kill markings on one shield and a signature on the other. For the front I added the Varangian heraldic beneath the carvings. As usual they got some weathering and so on. Basically I am happy with them. I can however still improve on the GS side.

Almost done.

torsdag 1 augusti 2019

Varangian laser blaster

So, I got the last big piece for Varangian painted, the laser blaster. This was a tricky bit to paint as the the barrels are partially blocking each other and I had to mount them before painting to get them straight, and it is a big piece. Next time over I might need to come up with some scheme to mount part of the barrels before painting but leaving one or two off until after. We will see if that ever happens.

Apart from that I am pleased with how it turned out. I am not a big fan of the shield design for this gun but I could not come up with a reasonable mod so I kept it as is, just added a cogwheel and some skeletal wings to tie it in with the rest of Varangian. At this point I am getting a bit tiered of this build and do not have that many new ideas so I just go with what I have or make minimal adjustments.

I have the shields for the back almost done and I am working on the last GS for the front shields and the crew. Once that is done it is time for the final paint and assembly. The I will have a post with some finished pictures.