söndag 17 april 2016


While away from home I finished the Ironstrider. It turned out much as expected and I am pleased with the result. I think the remounting of the auto cannons worked and it gives the model a lower point of gravity, making the rider a rider and not some one clinging to the back of the thing, behind the gun. In the future I might get some more of these and make some alternate poses which I think might look very cool. Now I have another robot to build, some more electro priests and a dune crawler. The later might get some remodeling to include more of the nice pieces from the kit. That is one of the drawbacks with theses multi kit kits, there are some many nice sculpt that I would like to include in the final model.

söndag 10 april 2016

Round-shield WIP

After some deep thought and fiddling around with some different ideas and parts I have finally settled for the design of the round-shield for the CCW knight. It consists of a solid outer edge with some surface structures to break up the large flat areas. The center hub with the field projectors is a mix of necron parts and the back end of a knight gun. I am hoping that once I get some green stuff and paint on it it will look less like some cut up necrons squeezed into a shield and more like a power generator. I am slowly making some progress with the knights but it is slow as family business is taking priority at the moment.

lördag 2 april 2016

Assault Cannon or Shield?

I am having some problems deciding on the load-out of the close combat knight. Either it has a chain spear and a assault cannon fist or a chain spear and fist with round shield. First I aimed for the fist version, then I came up with round shield, made in a similar fashion to FWs (the shield in the pic is just an early mock up). Once I started work on the shield I had second thoughts about it and now I am leaning towards the fist again. Somehow that makes it look more aggressive.

Any thoughts?