söndag 7 juni 2020

Saint Silvana

I have not been feeling well lately. I think that it is this conrona situation that is finally getting to me. Not that I am feeling sick as in having corona, but I have been feeling tiered and lacking motivation to deal with things. I have several ongoing projects scattered over my desk(s) and I have not been feeling the mojo do deal with any of them. But as I know that painting does help in these kinds of situations for me I have been trying to "force" my self to go in to the hobby room and paint. And once I do sit down and get stuck in to what ever I pick up I do enjoy it and I can feel some of the motivation returning.

So as thing stand I have not much to report as things are moving slowly. But I have managed to get Saint Silviana painted, which is the last of the saints on the Triumph of Saint Katherine. The model as suck is not much different from the rest of the saints, black robes and some crimson. She does however have a "banner", the Argent Shroud. Fist I though I would paint just a banner but after looking a bit at the box art I realized that it is a monochrome imprint of a skeletal body on the shroud (Like the one with Jesus) and should not have a lot of colors. So I tried to replicate what is on the box. I did not manage to get the depth of color as they have, but I think that is mostly because I do not have the appropriate colors. I also think that the dry brushing does not give the same depth as painting with the paints directly. In the end I think it looks ok, especially with the style of the rest of my painting. Now it is just the bier and the cherubs left before I can go back and go through all the pieces to make them coherent before assembling the whole piece. All in all I have enjoyed painting this model as it is sort of a small mini diorama and that fits me well as a collector.