söndag 28 oktober 2018

Entropy, WIP

Sometimes things do not go as you plan. After finishing the dominus knight I thought I would treat my self with some small models, i.e. not knight or titans, to unwind a bit. But as I was sitting there painting a Dark Angels terminator my brain went off on a completely different path.

Some how I got to thinking about the background of the Northern Ghosts and how the different knights fit in to it all. And out of nowhere came the thought of Lady Oxidia in Entropy, knight preceptor of the Eques Borealis, the Northern Knights, who are the ailed knight house of the Legio Umbra Borealis, the Northern Ghosts. Well in truth the Eques Borealis was the there first and the titan Legion adopted a name similar to the house on which lands they settled. Well more no that at a later time.

So the Lady Oxidia is a outcast from her own family after she killed her uncle and mentor and stole his Knight suit. To erase any traces to her old family she stripped the knight down to bare metal, removing any old house insignia. This however left the metal unprotected and has over the years started to rust and wear away as she has fought as a free blade for many different war hosts, often taking on the role of mentor for younger knight pilots in training, hoping to save them from the same bad experience she had with her mentor. For may years she managed to live like this, but eventually her childhood trauma caught up to her and she got into conflicts with her employers, usually over the way a senior ranking officers treated one of her proteges. This has caused here to become embittered and hateful, and finally she retired as a free blade and settled among the Eques Borealis, a house known to take in knights and free blades that has now were else left to go.

After this story settled in my mind I just had to get my self another knight kit and start working. So to represent Lady Oxidia and her knight suit, Entrophy, I decided to go down a different path of chaosification than what I have done for my knight so far. I wanted to paint the knight in a metal base but have plenty of damage and holes in the armor plates. I also wanted to do something different form the chaos growths I did before. So I set about drilling holes in the armor and carving away at the boarders to give them a worn look, and then I added horns growing out of the armor to give it that chaos feel. This is a first for me, starting with the armor with out having the chassis built yet.

As Oxidia is a preceptor it is only natural that she will take charge of my armigers as the natural leader of the Skag Valkyries. She has only painted her right shoulder and left leg armor in the colors of the house, not fully embracing the coat of arms of her new lords. The armigers will however stay in the green livery of the Northern Knights. So far I have just started on this endeavor, but I am feeling the hobby mojo about this.Lets see how far it will go.

I might also start writing down the background and fall of the northern realm.

lördag 13 oktober 2018

Dominus knight done

Finally, the last of my trio of knights are done. I am really happy with how it turned out. The free hand on the shield could be better but it will have to do for now, apart from that I really like the two tone color scheme, it gives more depth to the model. It will be interesting to compare this dominus with the original GW dominus once I get around to finish building it. Over all I think it portrays a more massive version of knight chassis. All the extra armor and shields really help biffing it up. I like how the upper body is almost round. To bad it is not a rules legal build, but you cant have everything. In this case I am going for the rule of cool.

I have also finished some banners for the Varangian, that I have hung from the neck armor. Once again I am not really happy with my free hand. I don't know if it is that I have become so accustomed to the sloppy way I paint with my dry brushing that I don't have the patience to make clean free hand painting.

Here we have the Northern Ghosts in the display cabinet together with the knight escort. One can also see some parts of the accompanying Skitarii and Mechanicum forces. The cabinet is rapidly filling up with all theses large models.