lördag 2 juni 2012

Mechanicum update

Kill your darlings...  and nurture them. Some times you end up at a position where you have two ideas that are not compatible. You have one build you like and then there is another build, equally appealing.but they are both utilizing the same parts and can not exist at the same time without incurring the cost of a new setup of original models. So what to do? Find some adaptation of the builds so that they can coexist, and give me two models instead of one. So what am I talking about. Well initially I had the Idea of building a heavy myrmidon with four large plasma lances mounted on a Phirana body on a defiler chassis. Once I started to put things together I realized that the Phirana body was to small compared to the weapons. This led me to mount the weapons on the original defiler body which turned out great. So I decided to store the Phirana for a later date. I also had one spare Plasma lance that I thought to have on a raptor. Well, to get some space on my work table I stacked some parts on top of each other to get them out of the way. Then I realized that the Plasma lance on top of the Phirana on top of the defiler chassis was actually looking very nice indeed. So now I had two builds utilizing the same parts that both looked good but which to keep and which to scrap. Or was there some way to both keep the cookie and eat it? Doing a mental inventory of the amount of legs available to me I realized that I could build a four legged body for the Heavy Myrmidon then I could keep the scorpion (Phirana build). So now I have two Plasma lance carrying defilers. I will keep the Heavy Myrmidon for the Mechaniccum but the Phirana build will be donated to my Desert Eagles.

Apart from this small rearrangement of parts I have also be fiddling around with the raptor build. The raptors are not based on any fluff as far as I know. They are just a way for med to build something with the spare parts. I do however think that they do fit in. They are very fast scouts, like hunting dogs, flushing out prey for the Knights to kill. There will eventually be three of them and they will be armed but so far I have just the body and legs done. I am thinking of giving them heavy flamers for arm weapons and twin linked assault cannons on the back. But we will see...