fredag 17 juni 2016

CCW Knigth WIP

I have finally managed to get some work done on the knights. The Close Combat Knight is almost fully assembled so that I can start with green stuffing. One thing I realized is that the kit is not meant to have this leg pose as there are pistons mounted on the inside of the thighs that are very hard to fit in this case. Also I had to bend the cables on the backside of the legs and I am not to happy with the shape. I also decided to add some tentacles from the defiler kit to the back, hanging form the carapace. I have also been working on the shield, which is not done yet, but I have magnetized it so that the rest of the model is not dependent on when I get it done to my satisfaction. Well, it is taking shape and there is a possibility that I might finish it at some point.

söndag 5 juni 2016

Dune Crawler and Data smith

Finally got some hobby time and finished of the Dune Crawler, which I am very happy with. I also managed to try out a mechanicum character in the form of a Data smith for my robots. I am not so sure about the palette. I tried to have an okra colored armor and a deeper red robe. But it tends to be just red on red, not what I was going for. Well we will see what happens with the next one...  I am doing some sort of boss and then I will use a metal color armor and red robes. He will also get an escort of skitarii vanguards painted in the same scheme. But now I will try to get some build time in with the knights.