torsdag 7 oktober 2021

Dreadtober challange 2021

It is that time of year again, and I almost missed it, Dreadtober. I was traveling with work and totally forgot about this, but better late than not at all. So I singed up for the challenge. As I started late I had to choose a suitable project that would not take to long to get to a painting stage but still was complex enough not to finish in one or two sittings, and the gods only know that I have enough big models sitting in the to do pile, half built and unbuilt.

For this year I vent with a Warglaive that has been sitting around my desk since the Armiger knight class was released. I even managed to paint six Hellverins while this one was sitting by the side line. I am not sure why it never was finished but this is my real chance to get it done. It will act as the model for another five of these that I have and that will go with the Hellverins.

I really wanted the Warglaive to look distinctly different from the Hellverin, not just a weapon swap, so I decided to make some conversions. The first thing that struck me was to shave down the top carapace front flaring to make the "neck" slimmer. Then I decided to add some extensions beneath the feet and a at the waist to give it some extra height. I also decided to try to mount the shoulder guards on the arms instead of on the top carapace so that they will move with the arm which will make some nice dynamic poses. This does however leave quite a large gap between the shoulder and the top carapace when the arms are in a hanging position. So I hade to make some smaller shoulder guards to bridge the gap but that still allows the main shoulder to slide up over it it the arms are lifted.

I also decided that the reaper chaincleaver was to short and made it into a pole arm instead. The thermal lance was equipped with a shield to further emphasize the closecombatness of this monster.

The model is almost built now, just need to finish up some green stuff work on the custom pieces and add the standard chaos growth. I also need to build the cockpit for the pilot. That will be up next. Hope fully I can get the model full build this weekend so that I can start painting next week.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's a great looking model. I really like the conversions.

  2. I like the Polearm weapon and the thinned carapace, nice work so far.