söndag 19 maj 2019

Marneus Calgar

After suffering almost a month of restricted use of my right arm I am now slowly starting use it again. That also means that I can start painting again. As a restart of the hobby activities I decided to do a quick, ultra smurf job as this paint scheme is almost pure dry-brush and does not require any real fancy painting. I couple of months back I bought Marneus Calgar in his primaris form, including two body guards. The model is as perusal these days highly detailed and comes in a number of pieces. So the first thing to do was to determine how much I could assemble before painting, Marneus was pretty straight forward. Body without arms and back pack worked fine. For the body guards the cape became a problem. Either I had to build them completely or I would get a joint in the cape. If I built them completely I could not access the front of the model due to the sword and shield. In the end I opted to paint it in parts and hope that the final joint in the cape was not to bad. I glued the sword arm to the cape on one side and left the body and the shield arm free. One I hade painted the inside of the cape and the body I assembled the parts. It almost worked, but on one of the models the arm slipped during curing and a large gap appeared...

All in all I am happy with the result. I might go back and redo the gold as the way I did it was not the same as I usually do it and it turned out a bit dull and greenish.

Well, we will see if it gets done or not. At least I am now feeling good enough to continue on Varangian and finish him of, hope fully in a not to distant future.

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