söndag 4 december 2016

Progress report

This week has like many other gone to fast. I have however managed to get some things done. It was the last week with the 3D printer so I some time printing duplicates of the knights interiors, some parts for Opus Magna and a crown for Varangian. The crown then got some plastic teeth cut form plasticard. But that is not all, I also assembled the last of the Skitarii that I painted over the last couple of trips away from home, and I managed to paint two models in one session, a Custodian and a Dark Angel. So all in all a productive week, at least compared to a lot of other weeks.

3 kommentarer:

  1. All very kool. Esp the Custodes.

  2. That crown is very nice - lovely bit of kit.

  3. Thanks. The custodes are a real treat to paint, the metallics come out really nice. I am also looking forward to start the painting of the Varangian. Might make the head the starting point.