lördag 3 oktober 2015

Making a right from a left

Games Workshop in all their wisdom as a models company have a tendency to make models that can only be assembled one way. This is not good for modellers who might want to change the pose of the model, change its out fit etc... it almost appears that the models are tailored to fit the gaming system, ...strange.

Well I need a right power fist for my knights and the kit only comes with a leftie. First I thought that they might have made the kit so that the power fist could be built either way but it is only meant to be on the left side. So to make a right out of the left I needed to do some cutting. In the end it was not a to hard conversion, but it nags me that I needed to do it at all.
First I cut the thumb socket out of the top and bottom part of the hand. Then I cut a matching hole in the other side. I flipped the thumb socket around and mounted it on the other side, The pieces left over got to fill the remaining voids where the thumb used to be. The hand is not fully symmetric so I needed to cut away some of the edges and fill some gaps with green stuff to make it all smooth. I also needed to adjust the shield that goes on top of the back hand. In this case I could not easily swap the to sides and make it look good so I had to fill the gap where the thumb was with green stuff. To help support the green stuff I used a thin piece of plasticard as backing. This will all be trimmed down to look like the original once it is GSed.

All in all I must say that I love these kits, even though GW messed up with all the static posing, lack of interior and what not. The level of detail is amazing and they actually look quite realistic and they pose a challenge to any one like me to make something non standard out of them. I have seem some great re-posing and some truly innovative conversions of these models on the internet and I hope that my contribution to this will be appreciated.


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  1. Excellent work, and I'm glad you decided to undertake it. I share your frustration with the way that GW guns are ALWAYS in right hands, and combat weapons are ALWAYS in the left. I had to do a conversion like yours, though much easier and smaller, because I wanted to use the mechanical hand that comes with the Talos kit as a right and not a left. I've also and to convert DE Warrior gun arms into knife wielding arms.

    Can't wait to see your double powerfisted Knight. I'd not seen the kit, and I rather like the look of the hands WITHOUT the shielding. It's a pity that nice detail gets buried :(

  2. The dream forge 15mm Leviathan bits size up well for GW knights. The 28mm dream forge Leviathan bits are OK for titans.

    The greater range of bits may save your state of mind :)