tisdag 6 oktober 2015


Just a short update on my Knights build. For the Warlord Knight (WLK) I am currently working on the shoulder armour. To fit the extra weapon hard-points I had to raise the shoulder above it normal position and hence I need to fill the gap beneath with something so that they do not look to high. On the sides towards the body I added extra rims to cover the gap between the body and the shoulders. I made some holes in them to give it some structure. I will add border trim etc with GS. Then I also added some shields beneath the shoulder rim, sort of an homage to the old beetelback Warlord.

The Warmonger Knight (WMK) got two power fists in the last post, but I could not let it be without some fire power. So I am building some mini-gun like weapon that will be held in the fists. Right now it is mostly mock-up to see how big it will be and how I can make the hands work with holding it.

Well, that is as far as I got this time.


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