lördag 17 oktober 2015

Taking a walk

My work with the Knights continue. This time I worked a bit on the War Dancer Knight, more precisely the legs. I want the knight to look like it is hunting with some grace, not lumbering forward. To achieve this I wanted a more human gait, were on foot is in front of the other, using the hips to walk, rather than swaying back and fort. Of course GW did not make the legs of this kit poseable... So we have to convert them. This conversion is in fact quite easy as the original legs are pointing outward and I wanted them pointing inward I just had to swap them around. This was achieved by first cutting of the hip joints and swapping them around. I then had to adjust the ankle joints a bit as the legs are now pointing inward instead of outward. I also opted to make the back foot a bit raised as if the Knight is about to take a step, this is not strictly necessary. I also opted to adjust the toes of the back foot to look a bit more dynamic.

Then I also played around with the bases. As I will have all Knights with different leg poses I need to have some support from the base for some of them, something to stand on, have the foot on top of etc. As I am not really a huge fan of making bases I normally just put some gravel on them an let it be as it is. Now, on these large bases that tend to look a bit desolate. So I decided to try out the cork method of making concrete slabs / road segments. This is very simple, just take a 4 mm cork sheet, tear it up, put some plaster on top, let dry and paint. For my first base (for my already painted Knight I choose to make it simple, just a few pieces lying around but not to much. I think they turned out ok so I will make the rest of the bases so that I can pose the knight on the rubble.

Well that is as far as I have come this week...  next week will be slow as I am away on businesses.

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  1. Excellent work, I need to have a look at my next Knight - I think the proper articulation is definitely the way ahead.

  2. Thanks, Yes, if you are going to have more than a few knights you really need to look into adjusting the stands on them, it tends to look a bit strange with all of them standing in the same way. And you can never go wrong with looking how thing work in reality when posing your models. There is something with how we humans perceive things, we instinctively know if the pose is unnatural.